New Freebie - Printable Toy Storage Labels

I've got a new freebie up for my subscribers! Check out these toy storage labels - just print and use them to organize your kid's toys and crafts! My plan is to print and laminate them and then use velcro dots to stick them to our various boxes and bins. Want to get them? Go to THIS PAGE and sign up - it's free and I promise NOT to spam you!

Recipe: Salsa

Our family loves Mexican food. (Well, restaurant style Mexican food, I should say. I've had authentic Mexican food in Mexico while on a mission trip and some of the things they have are quite different than our Americanized interpretations.)

Anyway, one thing we all love when eating out are the delicious chips and salsa. The store bought salsa just never tastes quite as good! They tend to taste too vinegary - is that even in a word?! - since many of them use it as a preservative. We've always felt like it really ends up coming through too much. A lot of them also seem to be missing some unique ingredients that the restaurant salsa has. (Hint: Cilantro & cumin!) Several years ago, we started googling "restaurant salsa" and found an AWESOME recipe from The Pioneer Woman that I've since tweaked to our family's personal preferences. Check it out and let me know what you think!