5 Minute Real Mom Makeup Tutorial

My stepdaughter and I were talking the other day about makeup tutorials - we watched one on YouTube of a lady who had her husband do the voice over of what products she was using and it was pretty darn funny. I ended up watching a few more and it amazed me how talented some of the people were and how much time some of them had! I got to thinking about what it's like when I'm getting ready here - usually it's in the morning before the kids have gotten up but occasionally they're already up and it's very...interesting!

So I decided to make my own video! I didn't have the best lighting and there's interruptions - children knocking my camera over and trying to tell me stories - but that's what makes it very true to life. It took about 10 minutes total but I sped it up and if I wasn't filming it would have taken less time. It's a simple, natural look and what I usually do most days that I wear makeup. (I don't wear it every day.) So without further ado, here's a makeup video from a real life momma, interruptions & all!

#MLKDay Inspirational Quotes

Today many people will be celebrating that they get a day off of work or that they don't have to go to school. However, I'm hoping to teach my kids that it's more than just that. We'll be learning more about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the differences he made for the Civil Rights Movement. If you're also homeschooling or if you're at home with your kids today, I encourage you to share with them some of the quotes below and talk about how we all can make a difference in our communities. Even simple little actions can make a big difference!