Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baby #4: 32 & 34 Weeks

How many weeks pregnant: Got a little behind in my updates again...I was 34 weeks Saturday and at my appointment last week I was measuring just about 35.

Which trimester are you in: Third. Eight months pregnant.

Bump photo: Two of them again - 32 weeks and 34 weeks

How big is baby:
Week 32: Baby is the size of a squash, approximately 15 - 16 inches and 2.5 - 3.8 pounds.
Week 34: Baby is the size of a butternut squash, approximately 17 - 18 inches and 4.2 - 5.8 pounds.

Pregnancy symptoms: Growing belly, of course. I've begun to bump into things more! Sleep is getting to be more of a challenge. I have heartburn but only when I lay on my right side or if I've eaten late at night/right before bed and then go lay down.

Belly Button - In/Out: In still...but weird looking.

Cravings/Aversions: Ice! And no, my iron levels are fine. I think I just like the "crunching" maybe? I know it's horrible for your teeth so I've been trying to limit it...but it's definitely a huge craving. No real aversions at the moment.

Sleep: Eh, getting a bit more difficult. Once I finally get to sleep, I'm good...it's just getting into the right position.

Nesting: Not really. I suppose I probably should be but I'm more focused on the holidays right now.

Maternity Clothes: Yep. This is a given by now.

Weight Gain: I've gained around 20 pounds this pregnancy and I'm okay with that. Although I am a bit more uncomfortable, I don't feel huge yet. But then again I still have a month (or so) to go.

Movement: Lots of movement and thankfully a lot of it is up high. (See more on that below.)

Gender: Still a surprise.

Concerns: Baby was breech at our last appointment still but midwife did an ECV and flipped him/her. (*An ECV, or external cephalic version is when a care provider puts his or her hands on the outside of the mother’s belly and turns the baby into a head-down position. This is also called a version, or “hands to belly” procedure. - From Evidence Based Birth) I was a bit sore afterwards but not too horribly bad. Now if we can just get him/her to stay put...

Best moment this week: I went out with some friends for a little bit one night this week to the craft store and to get some dessert. It was nice to get away for just a bit, to chat and laugh. And on the way home they told me they were planning on having a little "mother blessing" event for me in January. They are the sweetest friends and I really cherish their friendship.

Looking forward to: Planning more for our homebirth. I haven't done a whole lot yet other than look through the stuff I had left over from my last one.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby #4: 28 & 30 Weeks

I completely forgot to do a 28 week update post and am late posting my 30 week update but I haven't had a lot of time to get on the computer. I've been organizing/cleaning like a mad woman and trying hard to finish up my doula coursework. Better late than never though with the updates I guess, right? They should be every two weeks now, assuming I stay on schedule. (Note: big changes are coming to the blog soon but I'll update about that a little later.)

How many weeks pregnant: 31 weeks + 2 today (however this update covers weeks 28 until now)

Which trimester are you in: THIRD!

Bump photo: Two of them actually!

How big is baby: Average for 30 weeks is around 3 pounds & 16 inches long. So baby is about the size of a large eggplant!

Pregnancy symptoms: More heartburn which stinks, but luckily it hasn't been too bad. It's definitely getting to be more of a challenge getting comfortable in the bed. Growing belly of course. Some leg cramps in the night (which I remember vividly from my pregnancy with Zeke) but bananas seem to cure that.

Belly Button - In/Out: Still in. It's begun to look a bit like a crater now...

Cravings/Aversions: I've been trying to cut back on sugar and that has proven to be a bit of a challenge. I had a MAJOR craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream the other night which my husband dutifully fulfilled for me. (I didn't go overboard though.) No real aversions at the moment.

Sleep: It comes and goes. Most nights I try to read or watch a little TV and I don't even make it five minutes. The nights I'm awake are the ones where I'm fighting to get comfortable.

Nesting: For sure. I said the organizing bug had bitten me and I wasn't kidding. I've always kept the kids clothes that they've outgrown and realized that I am a bit of a clothes hoarder. I've been trying to decide just what to do with the baby clothes since we don't know the gender. I have a lot of specific stuff (frilly pinks, football blues, etc.) and don't really want to get it ALL out yet. My mother-in-law suggested getting out the gender neutral and a little bit of the boy and girl items, mainly the smaller things until baby is born.

Maternity Clothes: Do we even have to ask?!

Weight Gain: I've gained since my last update obviously. Many people keep making the "twins" comments or saying how they don't think I'll go until my due date, which I'm sure they don't mean rudely (most of them, anyway) but I can't help but feel a little like they're all saying, "WOW. YOU ARE HUGE." It also hit me like a ton of bricks when I stepped on the scale at my appointment. However my midwife reassured me that the weight I'm at now I had hit 4 weeks before in my last pregnancy. She also took my measurements and let me know that we are measuring right on target for where we should be.

Movement: Tons and tons and TONS. This is one active baby. It's changed from mainly at night time when I was trying to rest to now seeming like it's all the time. There's definitely resting periods but lots of activity. And hubby has gotten to feel & even see so much movement too!

Gender: Still a surprise, of course. Aren't you guys going to be excited when I finally have an answer to put here? :) The ease of my pregnancy and lower heart rate are really making me lean towards boy, even though my initial gut reaction was girl.

Concerns: Baby is breech and has been for my last 2 (3?) appointments. This isn't a huge big deal but now is the time when I'd like for him/her to be doing the acrobatics to get into the right position. I've been checking out SpinningBabies website (I almost said Flipping Babies, ha!) and I have been doing TONS of reading on breech positions/labor stories/research/etc. but with all this movement I've been feeling, I'm sure he/she will be flipped by our next appointment and I won't need to worry about it. I also had a health issue that came up but it's on it's way to being fixed.

Best moment this week: Hearing baby at the midwife last week was wonderful as always. Heart rate was in the 140's like usual.

Looking forward to: The holidays. Even though I'll be even more huge and probably waddling, I always enjoy the holidays and time with family.