Simple Activities Your Toddler Can Do During Homeschool

Homeschooling with a toddler who is active is quite a challenging task at times. However, one of the wonderful things about homeschooling toddlers is that is that they will be home with the family most of the time.
It is the major reason why a majority of parents homeschool their toddlers but the logistics involved demand that parents organize fun and simple activities that their toddlers can engage in so as to keep them busy.
This article strives to explore some of these activities so that parents can successfully use them in their homeschooling efforts. 
Homeschooling provides a family learning environmental that facilitates great benefits to toddlers. The following are some fun and simple activities that your toddler can engage in when homeschooling:

Homeschool Writing Activities For All Learners

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I find it super interesting how different two children from the same family, raised by the same parents can be. Sure, they have similarities - people always tell me how my babies look like little carbon copies of each other - but as they grow, they develop their own personalities, preferences, and likes/dislikes.

For example, my daughter is a chatterbox. If we drive somewhere, you can almost bet that she'll provide you with a running commentary of anything and everything: "How long do you think it'll take to get there? I hope it's not too long. Did you see that tree? I think that was one of those willow trees. That flower is pretty. Oh look, that was a bright blue car..." and so on and so on. My oldest son however is a man of few words in the car - he prefers to bring a book (or two or three) or to doodle/draw. When the kids both attended summer camp a few years ago, my daughter would happily chat away about everyone she talked to, all the crafts they did, and every game they played. My son on the other hand was content just to ride along in silence. "How was your day?" I'd ask. "Fine," he'd reply...and that was the extent of it. (Later on after he'd had time to relax, I'd get some details.)

Just as not all children have the same type of personality, they do not all learn the same way either. This is something I've learned a lot about while homeschooling. There are several different types of learning styles: