Legging Army Valentine Special

❤ Valentine's Legging Special - Buy 2 and SAVE $$$$ ❤
(Available now through 2/16)

Send me your order & email address and I'll invoice you! You can message me by clicking HERE.

See what all we have available: http://www.leggingarmy.com/#mrsaddison

OS: 2/$30
Plus Size: 2/$34
3X/4X: 2/$38
Sublimation: 2/$30
Kids: 2/$26

SnapChat Cooking: Lots Of Lemons

I use Instagram and SnapChat to share videos and photos from our life pretty frequently. Yesterday I did a short video series on my attempt to make lemon curd for a cake I was making. Quite a few of my readers shared that they weren't SnapChat users so I compiled all my videos into one and added it to my YouTube channel. I also had several people ask where I got the recipe too so I thought I'd share! Note: I'm a mom. I'm not a trained chef, there are child interruptions, and I say "so" too much...but the end result was delicious, regardless! Read on for the videos & recipes: