#GoandGrowAtWalmart with Similac

Disclosure: This post was developed in partnership with Similac. All opinions are my own.

As a mom I always want to make sure that my kids are getting all the vitamins, minerals, and complete nutrition that comes from eating a great well-rounded diet...however, as a mom I also know that kids can be finicky or picky. Babies and toddlers take time to get used to new flavors - you have to introduce some foods tons of times before they'll eat more than one bite. And at some point in time they all seem to go through a stage where they only want to eat one type of food or where they refuse to try anything new or different. It can be SO frustrating!

Of course you shouldn't skip out on healthy eating, but for those trying times to help toddlers meet their daily servings of fruit and veggies, Similac offers two different products. First up, their Go and Grow pouches that each contain three - four servings of fruit and veggies.

The Go & Grow by Similac pouches come in two age groups. The first stage is for babies six months of age and older and the other stage is for toddlers 12 months and older. We tried four different pouches:

1. Apple, Butternut Squash, Banana, and Blueberry (Toddler)
2. Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Banana, Carrot, Spinach, and Broccoli (Toddler)
3. Mango, Apple, Butternut Squash, and Spinach (Toddler)
4. Pear, Blueberry, and Spinach (Baby)

Betsy's favorite flavor was #1 but really there weren't any that she disliked! These pouches are so, so easy to use. We use them at home of course but I also keep some in our diaper bag at all times because it's a simple snack we can do at the baseball field, the park, while out running errands, etc.

The other product is the Go and Grow Similac Toddler drink. It is packed with over 25 vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, DHA, and Lutein. It comes in cans (like formula) or convenient stick packs. The stick packs are super handy to toss into the diaper bag when you're on the go - just tear one open, add it to water in your child's cup, shake, and go! The drink comes in several options: Unflavored, Sensitive, Non-GMO, and Vanilla. We chose the Vanilla and Betsy LOVES it! (She is using sippy and toddler cups but still has a little bit of preference for the bottle, as seen in the picture below.)

These products can all be found at your local Walmart. (And on the off chance that they're not on the shelf, just check out the Site to Store option!) Want to win a $50 Walmart gift card so you can purchase some for your kiddos? Check it out HERE. Do you use the iBottta app to save money on your groceries and other purchases? If so, be sure to check out this offer for .50 back on any one Go and Grow Similac pouch!

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Review: God Loves Mommy & Me

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This post is part of the FrontGate Blogger Network but all opinions are my own. 

In need of a super cute Mother's Day gift that momma can share with her little ones? Then check out this super adorable book we recently got to review.

Description: Mommy loves me so much! She cheers me up when I’m sad, she kisses my boo-boos, she sings me lullabies at bedtime, and she prays for me. I love Mommy, and God does too!

God Loves Mommy and Me will delight your little ones as you read about the sweet connection mothers and their children share. Snuggle up as you look at adorable illustrations of a mommy bunny and her little bunny sharing the day’s adventures, and read about the loving relationship God gives mommies and their children. Little ones revel in one-on-one time with each parent, and the phrase “Mommy and me” is a favorite with toddlers!

God Loves Mommy and Me is a celebration of strong, loving mothers, cherished little ones, and the God who loves them all. Perfect for story time, bedtime, or any time, this sweet board book celebrates God’s gift of family.

Our Thoughts: This is an adorable, durable book. It seems like it would be able to withstand my crew of littles! One of my little guys loved pointing out the animals in the this book - the other one is too rough and tumble right now to sit still while we read it. :) It drives home the wonderful message that Momma will always love her babies, just as God loves us.

Want your own copy? Go here to purchase the book or check out this giveaway - 5 copies are up for grabs!