Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Baby #4 - Week 24

How many weeks pregnant: 24 weeks as of Saturday!

Which trimester are you in: Second. And sixth month of pregnancy.

Bump photo: Here is my cousin Melinda and I at her baby shower this past weekend! She is 36 weeks, due at the end of October. :)


How big is baby: At our ultrasound last week (more about that below!) the OB told us baby was around 1 pound, 4 ounces.

baby development

Pregnancy symptoms: I've been getting major stomach pains/cramps if I eat too much at one time. Still very hungry though so I just kind of graze, or do several smaller meals at different times. Belly is continuing to grow at a steady rate. I'm having "pregnancy brain" like craaaaazy....I cannot remember anything. (And hubby yells a hearty AMEN!)

Belly Button - In/Out: Still in. But looking a bit...odd, for lack of a better word. I'm curious if it's going to pop. This would be the first time it's ever done that!

Cravings/Aversions: Craving lots of sweets. And some random things. Like the chips and dip I ate for lunch today. :)

Sleep: Meh. I've been getting up at least three - four times a night to go to the bathroom. And then it usually takes me awhile to fall back asleep. It sucks, but it is what it is. I actually just went ahead and got up when I woke at 5:45 this morning. I figured I might as well.

Nesting: Somewhat. More of a need/want to organize...but tiredness generally overrules it.

Maternity Clothes: Of course. And I've got a bunch of new (to me!) clothes thanks to a clothing swap I attended at a local church. I'm pretty much set on maternity clothes now, barring a few little odds and ends.

Weight Gain: I think at my ultrasound appointment I had gained a half pound/pound since my last update, which would have been about two weeks ago.

Movement: Lots of kicks and twirls and somersaults. I love it! Hubby has got to feel (when I was asleep of all times!) but he/she has hidden when my friends or the kids have tried to feel it. It probably doesn't help that he or she is often
SUPER low down in my belly, which is kind of an awkward place for other people to feel.

Gender: Still a surprise! We told them specifically at our ultrasound appointment we did NOT want to know. I was nervous but the nurse wrote it on our chart, underlined it, starred it, and circled it...and I think that helped a bit. :) I am still surprised by how many people this upsets, though. My near & dear friends don't care and the majority (I think) of my family doesn't but there are some naysayers who think it is ridiculous, that we have medical technology for a reason, it's stupid, etc. Can't win 'em all, I guess. :) You can go put in your guesses HERE.

Dad & Other Kiddos: Everyone is doing pretty well. I thought it might be fun for the kids to go to our appointment with us but there is sometimes a long wait at that office so just hubby and I went. It was a nice little break - we saw baby and then went out to lunch together.

Best moment this week: Our ultrasound appointment! We got to see baby on screen and it was really great. I guess either I'm getting better at figuring them out or perhaps it was just easier this time since most our others have been earlier on and this one was later. We could see baby's spine, head, profile, little arms and legs, and even a little baby butt crack. :) I don't generally think butt cracks are cute but this one was! The OB said baby was looking great and measuring right on target. We were given the option of going and doing another more in-depth ultrasound but we opted not to.

Looking forward to: Our next midwife appointment and upcoming things. As we get further along into fall, we'll start planning more for our birth and that's always exciting. :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Babywearing 101

Over the next six months or so, I'm going to be blogging a lot about babywearing! I'm going to have posts from myself and other guests who have vast amounts of knowledge about the different types of carriers, ways to use them, and why we babywear. I'm also going to have some informational posts showing how we've made babywearing work in our family, along with some step by step picture posts of how to carry properly. (And some funny ones about how not to carry!) We'll be learning all the lingo too - you'll soon know what a FWCC and a SSC are and how to tell if a carrier is a "crotch dangler" or not. Confused? Don't be! Just stay tuned. And while you're waiting, I'd love to hear if you are already a babywearer and what your favorite carriers/carries are!