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Sponsored Post - gave me a coupon code for 2 pairs of glasses in exchange for my honest review & opinions on their service. They also are providing a $100 coupon code for one of my readers.
When looking for quotes related to glasses to go with this post, I kept finding this one - "I actually wear glasses because I need them to see." Is that a thing? Do people wear glasses just for the heck of it? I guess that seems odd to me because I've had glasses since I was a very small child and started having trouble reading the chalkboard at school. Glasses (or contacts) have been part of my daily routine for pretty much my whole life.

It's been quite a few years since I got a new pair of glasses - one of those things I kept putting on the backburner, you know? - so I was very excited when contacted me about working with them. They offer a large range of quality, affordable eye wear for every member of the family. Their lab and warehouse are based in the USA (Columbus, Ohio) and shipping is super fast. They offer a variety of different types of lens options as well as Transitions and prescription sunglasses.

Their website was super easy to use. Users can upload photos of themselves in the glasses they've purchased and that was very helpful for me to see how they look on real life people. You can sort glasses by color, brand, frame style, frame shape, price range, and more. They also have a 365 day free return shipping policy - if you're unhappy, you can send it back at no cost.

Placing your order is easy - you can either enter your prescription information directly or have them contact your eye doctor for you. Which seriously, how handy is that? I lead a pretty busy life so it's nice that they'll handle the details. I placed my order on May 3rd and it would have been started sooner but I entered the wrong information for my prescription - totally my fault - and after contacting my eye doctor they sent me a message to confirm that was the correct prescription. So my order was actually received and approved on May 5th, shipped out on the 6th, and arrived on May 9th. (It would have been here on the 8th but there was a mix up at the post office.)

I got two sets of glasses - I chose the Dereon DOV520 in Gradient Blue and the Lunettos Skyler in Teal. I also chose two different types of lens so I could compare/contrast. Which one do you like better? (My Instagram followers chose Pair #1!)

Overall, it was a super easy shopping experience and great service. I would order from them again in a heartbeat! And as a side note - their sister site ( also looks pretty awesome. They offer 20% off for new customers and I hope to try them out soon as well! is very generously giving away a $100 coupon code to one of my lucky readers and there are sooooo many ways to enter! Check it out below!

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An Update

I’ve been a little quiet on social media recently and I finally feel up to sharing a bit about why. We found out I was pregnant several weeks ago and were very excited. We planned on having a cookout on Mother’s Day weekend to share the happy news.

Unfortunately shortly afterwards we found out that I had what is called a molar pregnancy. We have had a lot of up and down moments the last few weeks but ultimately our baby did not survive and I ended up needing to have surgery this past Monday.

So this week I’ve just been trying to take it easy and will be following up soon to make sure everything has healed. I could not have made it through the last few weeks without my husband - every time I was sad or mad or moody, he has been right there helping me through it. ♥️  Our parents and some friends have also been immensely helpful in coordinating food and visits and help. I am grateful for their kindness.

I apologize if I did not tell you personally - I’ve been in pain, physically and emotionally - and I just need time to process and try to work through all these crazy emotions. We had so many unknowns at first that I was uncertain of what to share. A friend and I discussed yesterday how social media is good and bad - good to keep in touch and it can be entertaining, but bad when you worry about what people will say or feeling like you have to explain everything you do/choose. I have hesitated to tell people about what I’ve been going through, for fear of judgment mainly I guess, and I honestly debated posting anything at all but finally decided to for several reasons:

1. Writing helps me process things and I’m having a hard time sleeping. So maybe this will help me to move on.
2. Maybe this will help someone else who is struggling or sad to know they’re not alone.
3. I knew very little about molar pregnancy previous to this so I thought maybe sharing more information about it could help someone else.

If this is something you’ve gone through, I’m so very sorry. Please know that although this is a serious thing and a very real loss, you will heal and this was not your fault - lean on your support people and rest as much as you can. There are complications that can happen with molar pregnancy so please make sure to keep all your doctor appointments. I'll be writing up some other posts soon and I’ll post links to those here as soon as I get them up.