#LargeFamilyLiving Series

Coming soon...a new video series on large family living and how we make things work! Hopefully you can glean something from it! Here's a little bit about what I'll be talking about:

I am by no means an expert but I have learned quite a few things as we've added more kids to our household. Each video will cover the logistics of something different: food and grocery shopping, housekeeping, how we schedule our activities, how we handle vacations, field trips and just going out; how to stay married when you've got a billion kids, and more. You'll also get to hear about my mistakes and failures to make you feel better. :)

Do you have questions you'd like answered? Let me know in the comments and I might mention you in one of our videos!

Guest Post: 5 Simple Things I Did to Survive the First Three Months with my Baby

Hey guys! Today's guest post is from Sarah Morgan - she runs a parenting blog called WellBeingKid.com (http://wellbeingkid.com) that is dedicated to educating new parents about child care, wellness, parenting, and more. Be sure to check it out!
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5 Simple Things I Did to Survive the First Three Months with my Baby

Babies are just adorable. Their random smiles, coos, smell… everything is just lovely.
But it’s not always like that. During the first three months, it’s terrifying particularly when you’re a first-time parent. For some reason, they just don't want to sleep or let anyone do so peacefully. They cry. And cry. And cry. Without you knowing what’s wrong.
And trust me, that is just the beginning.
It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go sleepless for the the entire quarter. There are hacks you can do to keep your sanity intact.

How to survive baby’s first three months:

Change your perspective

Yes, your baby is out in the world finally. But have you ever wondered how it feels when you’re warm and cozy one day then exposed to a plethora of alien objects the next?
That’s what our babies feel.
The first thing you have to do is think of the first quarter as your little one’s final trimester.
What I mean is, try to replicate the environment your baby had inside the womb. Today’s Parent suggests soothing techniques that should calm your little ones. These techniques may vary from swaddling, shushing, swinging, sucking, and placing your baby on a side or stomach position.

Ask around

It may be embarrassing especially if you have to call your mom in the middle of the night to ask if your baby’s movements while sleeping are too much or just normal. But our parents and other moms are one of the best sources of parenting tips really.
More often than not, they’ve been through what you’re going through at the moment; so it’s only but proper to ask for their ideas.
My mom was my go-to person when my first born would cry. I’m a panicker, but she’d always calm me down. She was the one who taught me about swaddling because I didn’t know about the Karp’s techniques back then. She also taught me that a baby should burp after feeding. In short, she taught me a lot about parenting.
Good thing I asked!
Be wary. Some of the techniques our parents used may no longer be applicable. So always look for a second (and third) opinion. Then find a consensus.