Becoming Our Parents

I love seeing how my children are similar to me in their personalities, except when they're being rotten! As they are growing, I feel the need to apologize to my parents profusely. The revelation occurred to me probably sometime around the first time Zeke got open his diaper & smeared the contents everywhere or when he unrolled several rolls of toilet paper & then put them in the wet bathtub. If I did half the things he has done so far, my parents must have had nerves of steel and the patience of a saint.

I caught myself the other night saying something I had heard as a child. I was putting my son Zeke to bed and to explain - I have had to resort to turning the light off on the actual ceiling fan instead of on the switch on the wall, because he gets up & flips the light on and starts getting into things if I do it that way. So I turned off the light on the ceiling fan and Zeke bellows "BUT I CAN'T SEE!!!!" I responded, "You don't need to see. You're going to sleep!" Back up about twenty-some years ago and it would have been me, my Dad or Mom and my old bedroom. (I often was cranky about going to bed, especially when it was summer & still light out!)

I've also caught myself saying such gems as "because I said so" or "I WILL pull this van over." Hmmm. Pretty sure I heard those two at one time or another.

One of my hopes is that several (MANY, MANY, MANY) years down the road when my children become parents, they will have this same revelation! ;)


  1. oh yea I know what you mean! One day when my daughter was little and said something like clean up it looks like a tornado went threw here, I stopped and looked at her with his look of horror. She asked if I was ok, I just looked at her and said When did your grandma come in? She looked like wow mom is loosing it and did what I asked. Still once in a while even thought she is 22 I look at her and say Don't make me sound like your grandmother..... PS she doesn't have kids yet but does nanny kids and tells me about sounding just like her mom!! Yes!

  2. Having kids is definitely like holding a mirror up to yourself too. Swings and round abouts as my husband says!

    Just visiting from Friends following friends on MBC. I would love to see you follow my blog too - Organize Your Life Now

    Claire McFee

    Organize Your Life Organizers

  3. Thanks gals! I appreciate the comments. I will definitely be checking out your blogs! :)

  4. I think I find myself saying my mom's favorite words "because I said so". Yes it is scary to look in the mirror and know that the very words that we hated as a child are now coming from our very own mouths. The other day I said it and my grandmother told me that I even sounded like my mom when I said it. Oh well, I figure if I say it enough my daughter will be sure to pass it on to her children. lol

    Great blog. Following from MBC.

  5. Thank you Mary! I have caught myself saying that a LOT recently! haha


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