Chicken Chasers

My husband has decided he wants to be a farmer, so we are now the proud owners of some chickens and one lone duck! Ok, so we're not really farmers (since we have no actual farm) but he's wanted to have chickens for a long time. My son thinks they are pretty much the best thing ever. I have had an enjoyable time watching them chase the chickens around to put them in the pen! :)

The chickens were kind of segregating themselves by color - the brown ones were all bunched up together in their own group and the white ones were doing the same thing. But when the food & water came out they kind of abandoned that.

I think the duck is adorable! We haven't decided on a name for her yet.


  1. I'm jealous! I have always wanted to have chickens. Fresh eggs! Yum!

  2. Perfect name for the duck, Spot. Haha.

  3. Perfect name for the duck, Spot. Haha.


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