I'm Still Here!

Just a little note to let you know I am still around! The hubby has been off work the last couple days so we usually spend more family time together then. This month has been very busy for us - lots of family events (birthdays, weddings, etc.) in addition to Zeke's preschool and the normal things we do. Hubby's birthday is tomorrow and I'd tell you what I got him but there is a chance he might be reading, so you'll have to wait to find out! Z is super excited about two things happening this month- his field trip this Friday and Halloween.
His field trip was actually supposed to happen earlier this month but got rained out. They're going to a local pumpkin patch that has hay rides and play equipment. I think there also might be some animals. Sometime before the month is over I'd like to make a family trip over to this place called Pumpkin Works that's not too far away.
And of course, Halloween is approaching soon. He gets to dress up twice - once for his school, on the day before Halloween and on Halloween. Our family is going to be the Skywalkers - Daddy and I are going to be Anakin and Padme and Zeke and Ellie are going to be Luke and Leia. I'll give you a refresher of last year - I was an enormously pregnant Sarah Palin (well, the pregnant part wasn't a part of the costume, I just WAS, lol) and Zeke was Spiderman without the mask. He was terrified of wearing the mask, although he will gladly wear it now. And because what kind of post would this be without a photo of the adorable Spiderman from last year:

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