An Introduction of Sorts

Most of you reading already know me but there are a few of you who don't. So for the ones who don't, I thought I'd tell some more about myself, my family and the blog.

NOTE: I now have an ABOUT ME page that I will be updating with more current information. :)

I previously blogged over on Wordpress at Auguries of Innocence, which is still available if you'd like to see any of my previous work. I decided to move here for a variety of reasons, one being the name change. At AOI people were mistakenly coming to the blog because of the poem with the same name & it just made it terribly confusing. I also wanted to have a blog name that was more...well, me. I consulted with the hubby and we thought Wonderfully Chaotic describes us pretty well. :)
So more about me. I'm Shay (obviously) and I'm twenty three years old. I've been happily married for four years to my hardworking hubby Daniel. I'm a stay at home momma to my two gorgeous kiddos, Ezekiel and Elisha.
Zeke is my rambunctious little four year old. He's VERY talkative (although shy when first meeting people) and always on the go. He's obsessed with pirates, Spiderman and Star Wars. He's a lot of fun but also quite stubborn!
Ellie is my ten month old baby girl. She's a sweetie but she's also pretty darn sassy. She LOVES her brother and they get along really well. She's a scooting & crawling machine!

I also have an eight year old step-daughter who is a great big sister. She's very creative and is love with anything Hannah Montana & High School Musical.

My step-daughter with my daughter watching

As for extended family, we have a lot of them. My husband & I are both only children but I have a lot of cousins and we both have several aunts & uncles. We both have parents & grandparents that are pretty active in the kid's lives. We are very blessed to have such a good family. We plan to have a big family ourselves - we figure since we were both only kids, that means we need to have a lot! :) I plan to continue being a stay at home mom and homeschooling the kids.
More things about me and the stuff I like...I'm a big nerd and love sci-fi & fantasy stuff. I love reading and watching my favorite TV shows. I like cooking and I'm gradually becoming a better housewife. (Time management is not my forte.) I'm a big advocate of natural childbirth and I talk about it a lot, as you'll see if you continue to read my blog. I've become more of a "crunchy" Mom (there's a good definition of that word HERE) as I've learned more about parenting & motherhood. As I said, natural childbirth is awesome. So is breastfeeding (although I currently do not do it), co-sleeping and babywearing. Politically, I'm a conservative Republican and proud of it. I'm also a proud Christian, although I have my day-to-day struggles just like anyone else. I try to keep an open mind about most things and will discuss pretty much anything with anyone as long as it's actually discussing, not arguing.
So there you have it! That's pretty much all there is to me. My life is Wonderfully Chaotic and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. I'm just a simple person writing about my little piece of the planet. :)

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