I am finding it more and more interesting how different my children's personalities are. Some things are very similar about them (the way they look, their facial expressions, etc.) but others are very different. Their personalities I think stand out to me the most.

When Zeke was a baby, he was obviously cautious of strangers but took to people very quickly - and he is still like that. He is quick to make friends with people, even if we've only known them for a little while. He's the type of kid you see at the play place that just runs up to the other kids and encourages them to join in whatever he's doing. He is almost always joking or laughing about something.

Now my little Ellie, she is quite a different story. (Granted, she's not Zeke's age yet but this is just what I have observed so far.) She takes awhile to warm up to people. She's very friendly and happy with us - but when meeting people she has to stare them down for awhile and observe them before deciding on whether she likes them or not. People take this as her being mean or not as friendly...but I like to say she's just "selective." She definitely smiles and laughs but most of the time has a serious expression on her face.

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  1. I know what you mean. I guess that's why each child is considered unique in personality. Zeke would stay with anyone or go with anyone, which can be good and bad. But your little Momma's girl is another story. You won't have to worry about her and strangers.


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