Teething Remedies

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Update: I originally wrote this post when I had two kids. Some things have changed since then and I've since went on to have more kids, so I decided to update this with more relevant information and my more experienced wisdom. :) I'm kidding...I'm not really all that wise, just tried different things for different kids!

Teething (when a child's teeth start poking through the gums) usually starts happening for babies sometime between four and seven months. It's usually not a very fun process because it makes your little guy or gal very cranky. When your baby is teething they usually drool more, want to chew on things, don't want to eat or drink, are fussy and/or their gums may be swollen or sore. Some babies get one tooth at a time while others get multiples and some aren't affected by teething at all - and what works will vary from baby to baby. Here are some common (and not so common!) remedies for teething:

Ellie liked chewing on soft baby spoons when she was teething.

Chew Toys/Teethers - Give baby something to chew on that's (obviously) baby safe, with no small pieces, nothing that can break, no loose strings, etc. Anything with different kinds of textures usually works well. There are many different kinds of specifically made silicone/wooden/rubber teething toys and chew rings such as

Teething Jewelry - Teething necklaces for mommas weren't a prominent thing when my older ones were smaller. I myself have one that is a hard plastic and ring shaped - my boys loved it.

Cold Food/Objects - A wet washcloth, teething ring or chilled fruits/veggies that baby can gnaw on a little might also help. Foods that babies often seem to like are applesauce/purees, baby carrots, celery, frozen breast milk, frozen grapes, ice, or yogurt. Things to remember: Partially frozen or chilled in the fridge is usually tolerated better by babies than completely frozen & hard. Also make sure if you use a fruit, vegetable, or ice/milk cube that you put it in a mesh or silicone feeder or something similar so baby doesn't choke on it. (You could use a clean, very thin tied-off sock in a pinch!)

Teething Biscuits/Wafers - Some kiddos have an aversion to wet/cold things so you might also try specially made food just for teething. My kiddos have always liked the Baby Mum-Mum rice rusks. They kind of look like Styrofoam communion wafers to me but the kids like them! There are also several other brands that offer different types of teething biscuits, cookies, and wafers. (Check out the pictures below.)

Fingers - Rub the baby's gums with your finger or (if you're brave) let them gnaw on it! Babies will often work on their own fingers too.

Medicine, Tablets, and Gels - Sometimes your doctor will recommend Baby Orajel, Baby Tylenol or other medication to help with teething. Always check with your doctor to see what dosage your baby should have. This can be especially helpful if teething is causing sleeplessness or nighttime
Another thing I know a lot of people swear by are the Hyland's teething tablets you can get at Wal-Mart or other stores.

If you have any other good remedies, feel free to let me know!

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