I sometimes wonder why people try to fit children into these little molds of what they think children should be like. Recently, we've encountered some people who probably should know a lot about children but I really don't think know that much at all.

Of course since I have a baby people want to know how big she is, what type of milestones she's reached, etc. She's a very small little girl so people automatically assume she is a preemie - no, she was a week overdue - or that there is something wrong with her - no she is just a little petite girl. People never believe me that she's the age she is. She looks healthy and is growing just fine though so it irks me a bit when people ask if the doctor is "concerned about her." I wouldn't really mind either but it seems like *every* time I go somewhere someone inevitably says something. Oh well, such is life!

She's also very much a Momma's girl and wants to be held quite a bit. People apparently think this is wrong. They've also told me I've held her too much and that she will never be able to stay with anyone else. And of course, you KNOW that was my evil plan to never be free of my children.....

Of course, these people pale in comparison with others I have met since I put my oldest in school. People are SO competitive. It's like you can't even talk about your children because they automatically start whipping out the notebooks (or maybe baby books?) and comparing notes on what our children are doing. It's nice to see the differences between children but it doesn't bother me in the slightest that my child potty-trained later than theirs and walked a bit later. These self-proclaimed think it's the end of the world, though. He's excelling at so many things and the doctor has no issues with him, so why would I? He's a very stubborn child which of course made potty-training more of a challenge. I guess I just don't worry about things like that as much as others. Obviously I keep up on what the children are doing and if they were really behind in something, I would want to know. But I think people need to realize that not every child is the same. They're different unique, complex individuals.

A lot of these people would like to control their creativity as well. I was explained to what "meaningful coloring" was this past week and I think it's a load of crap. Apparently scribbling in any and all forms is wrong. These people do not realize that children (four year olds at that) sometimes just want to scribble. Sometimes they'll do the normal things that four year olds do and other days they'll be in a weird mood and won't. I don't think we should put them all in this box to try and make them exactly the same. By telling them they're coloring "wrong" you're limiting them. I can tell this momma is going to be a homeschooling momma in the future... Anyway, this is just my opinion, take it for what you will.

(Zeke when he was just learning to walk!)


  1. Oh Blah! I was unaware there was a 'wrong' way to color. People are so stupid sometimes. My baby is on the petite side too and I get comments as well. Then when I mention that she started out at 9lbs 8oz, they really think there's something wrong. People need to get over it. I love the fact that my kids are all so very different! The most creative, most talented and most brilliant minds never fit 'into the box'!

  2. So well said, Stacey! That's the best thing about kids - that they're all different!
    Somebody said something last night about E being on the small side and my hubby said "Well she eats all the dang time!" haha :)

  3. Stopping by from the Midwest Mom Bloggers Group! :) I am not looking forward to the whole competition thing once my son is in school (5 years from now, but still! Haha!). Never heard of the coloring thing. I just want to know who comes up with all of these things. My goodness, there wasn't a wrong way to color when I was little. Being a parent now is so much harder.

    I do not blame you a bit for wanting to homeschool. I have thought about it myself since I was homeschooled from 5th grade on. Not sure what we are going to do though. We have quite a bit of time to think! :)


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