Happy Halloween from the Skywalkers

I think this picture says it all......
Our little Princess Leia was having a rough night. She had to wear hair that was too big that she didn't care for and had some new teeth poking through her gums. Add to that the fact that she is usually a very "early to bed" kind of baby and you get one cranky Princess. She slept in this morning though and has been doing better. Zeke (err...I mean, Luke Skywalker) had a great time! I'm pretty laid back when it comes to holidays so I let him eat candy pretty much all day - it's one day out of the whole year, who cares? He loved it and asked if we could go trick or treating tomorrow too. :) Click "read more" to see more pictures.
Zeke/Luke tries the Darth Vader helmet on just for kicks.
Our Princess when she was actually NOT hating everything. :)
The whole Skywalker clan!


  1. Awww seems that they really don't care for
    those hats. My Grandson was fussing the entire
    time about his Top Hat the whole time we were
    Trick-O-Treating. This is Tee following from the
    MBC! Swing by my blog and follow and comment
    You can find me here:


  2. That first picture is priceless! You all look great. Following thru MBC :).

  3. I feel so guilty for chuckling! Such a cute photo!

    I'm following from friends following friends on MBC. You can follow me back at http://www.anutinanutshell.com

    So nice to meet you!

  4. Thanks so much ladies! I'll definitely be checking out your blogs!

    And don't feel guilty for chuckling, I did too. ;)

  5. Hey! my son has that darth vader mask!


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