My son has always been quite the ham. He is very quick witted and I wanted to share some of his, as I have termed them, "Zeke-isms."
Instead of saying something is behind something, like "That book is behind that chair," he will say "That book is on the back of the side of that chair." Don't ask me why...it's just something he's always said!

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- He is convinced that game "Hide and Seek" is "Hide and Zeke." CONVINCED. And don't you dare try to argue with him!

- When he was younger, he called Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh, "Biz Biz Bobbin." :)

- Some movie characters and other things with their real names and what Zeke has termed them:

Mary Jane Watson = Mary Jane Watts
Jar Jar Binks = Jar Jar Sanks
Padme = Padman
Darth Vader = Darth Bader
Pizza Hut = Pizza Pot
Burger King = Burger Ting

- A conversation I had with Zeke before his baby sister was born...

Me: So you're excited about having a baby sister?
Z: Yeah, a baby sista. What her name is?
Me: I think we're going to name her Elisha. Do you like that name?
Z: No.
Me: Ok, what do you think her name should be?
Z: (thinks hard) Four.
Me: Four Addison, that's pretty interesting. So...what do you do with a baby?
Z: Feed 'em.
Me: Oh yeah? What do they eat?
Z: Bottles. (thinks hard) And pizza.

- He was very helpful during my morning sickness too. He stands right at the bathroom door as I'm gagging and says, "You otay, Momma? You otay? Momma! You otay? You wanna Band-Aid? I get you Band-Aid." And then he proceeds to do just that. Band-Aids fix everything according to children.

- And finally, when we first starting teaching Zeke to pray I told him to just to pray what was on his mind - what he was thankful for, what we needed help with, etc. This was his first prayer:

Tank you for dis food, tank you for dis food. Tank you for rabbits and booms. AMEN!

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