Being Fat Is Bad...Apparently

This past week I read an article on called "Being Fat Is Bad for Your Health(care)" and while I agree that being overweight can cause problems, I was in shock at some other parts of the article. Here's a snippet:

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of empowering “curvy is beautiful” stories in the press and seeing TV segments devoted to why it’s healthy to have a “real woman’s body,” all of which is code for the “overweight is okay” movement. And you know what my reaction is? Why are we telling people — and women in particular! — stuff that simply isn’t true? The truth is, it isn't okay to be overweight — even just 20 lbs. overweight.

I think the person who wrote this got confused. I think what the media she's referring to are doing is trying to tell people - women - that it's okay to be NORMAL. We get hit with so much trash each and every day. We see celebrities who say they eat whatever they want and are still a size zero, stars who have babies & lose the weight in a week, commercials touting super fast weight loss schemes - the list goes on and on. So you can see where my confusion comes from about this issue. Why is bad to tell people that they're okay? I'm not saying to tell people to never exercise or to not care about their bodies. Of course you should take care of your body but you also shouldn't become obsessed with being thin. I think with all of the "bad" media young women are exposed to that it's good to have role models out there that are showing it's okay to not be a stick and to embrace whatever size you have been blessed to be. I can't understand how the author of the article can think it's wrong for the media to embrace curvy women. I don't think we're seeing enough of it to be honest.
The rest of the article discusses how plus size people might not get as good health care as smaller people which I also think is ridiculous. If a doctor doesn't think I'm worth their time then I would find another doctor! I don't think it has to do with being fat/overweight/whatever you want to call has to do with that particular doctor and their own issues. You should listen to your doctor, ask them questions and have them help you if you are embarking on any type of weight loss or exercise program. But if all they want to do is brush you off, what good are they? Frankly, you're better off with a doctor that will help you WHATEVER SIZE YOU ARE!

In the spirit of NORMAL women everywhere, check out pictures of some lovely curvy ladies by clicking read more! :)
Christina Hendricks



Jennifer Hudson

Marilyn Monroe

Tyra Banks

Jessica Simpson

Queen Latifah


  1. I love how skinny girls say that Monroe is their role model... OBV not.

  2. I totally agree. The girls in the magazines are never "normal sizes". Great post! Thanks for adding my button. I'm going to add you to my blogroll. I haven't succeeded in figuring out how to add a scrolling box with buttons yet (which is why I need a professionals help and am currently shopping for someone to redesign my blog).

  3. Amen to that sista!

    No really, living in Aspen people are obsessed with their weight and their exercise. Don't get me wrong, I'm also one of those women who becomes a raving mad tyrant if I don't get my workout in, but I try not to let it drive my life. There are too many other amazing things to focus on then myself!!!

    Welcome to The Aspiring Writer's Group. So glad to have you on board.

  4. @Keesh - I know, right??

    @J.L.W. - Thanks! If you need any help with your blog, let me know! I'm not an expert but I know a few tips & tricks. I got this layout on a website & edited it myself.

    @Dis - Thanks! Definitely! I'm looking forward to getting more involved with the group. :)

  5. Being fat does not make you ugly. There are many actress who became famous for their fat body

  6. Being fat does not make you ugly. There are many actress who became famous for their fat body


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