Blog Changes & Updates

Just wanted to let you all know of some changes & new things I've added to the blog! I've listed below the different ways you can keep updated on the blog. And I also wanted to tell you about a widget I added to the right hand sidebar that tells the top people who've commented on the blog - are you one of them? :)

Subscribe in a reader - Use a reader like FeedReader or FeedDemon OR use any other web-based news reader like Bloglines, Google Reader, etc. (I'm partial to FeedDemon, myself.)

Subscribe by email - Get my posts emailed to you. You will only receive an email if I make a post and no more than once a day - I don't want to spam anyone!

Follow with Google Friend Connect - On the left hand side of the page there is a box titled "Followers" that has pictures of people in it. If you use Google Friend Connect, you can follow my posts through that.

Facebook - I have a page on Facebook that you can become a fan of. My blog posts are also published there in case you'd rather use Facebook than a blog reader or actually coming to the page everyday.

Networked Blogs - On the right hand side of the page in the "Pages & Such" box you'll see another box labeled Networked Blogs. If you're a Networked Blogs user, you can follow me using that.

Twitter - If you're a Twitter user, I have mine set up to post something on there every time I make a blog post. I also post on there about my life and every day activities, just as a warning. :)


Thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate them. If you've left a question, I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Note: Don't be a jerk. I reserve the right to delete hateful, inappropriate, or otherwise not nice comments.