Everything Will Be Alright

This has been a hard last week or so. I got pretty long winded and posted some pictures of Haiti so I put this rest of this blog post behind a cut. Click "Read More" to read it all.
Our pastor's sermon today was mainly on Haiti and the disaster that's happened there. He talked about how devastating the images he saw on the television were and how he wept for the children who are now orphans, the families who have been ripped apart, the homes that have been destroyed and for the whole country that now must try to heal. I know that it's hard for most of us to even understand how the people there feel or that it seems like it might not matter because they're a lifetime away. But if you look at the pictures and read the stories, I think you'll feel that it hits a lot closer to home.
pictures from Fox News

The pastor also talked a lot about Job. I've only recently gotten back into reading the Bible and even Christianity, for that matter (that's another blog post for another time, though) but I've been around it all my life. I grew up in the church and I knew the story of Job but for those who don't here is a quick summary on SparkNotes. Basically, Job is a man who loves God and does everything right. But in a split second, he has everything taken from him - his children, his land, his livelihood - everything. He's broken and yet he still says, "...the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of God be praised." (Job 1:21, NIV)
A common question when disaster or tragedy strikes is WHY? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are the good taken so soon? Why does God sit back and do nothing? Oftentimes we can't see God's plan for the long term until later - he may have a reason that we won't get to see until ten, twenty, thirty years down the road. Sometimes God tells us to wait and it will be revealed when he wants it to be revealed - he might be trying to teach us patience or self control. Or perhaps we're just blinded by grief, sadness, anger or something else to realize at the time why he did what he did.
Tears sprang to my eyes many times during the sermon. My husband lost his job this past week and although we've all kept a pretty good attitude about it, I have had those thoughts in the back of my head from time to time like, What are we going to do? Will he be able to find another job? You know, the typical worries and stresses. As I sat there, I just felt like God was saying - look at Job! He had everything taken from him and still he was thankful. I'm sure he didn't understand at the time and from what the scripture says, we know that he was upset but still he praised. And just as we might not understand why things happen, we can take solace in knowing that we still have a lot to be thankful for - even in the situations that seem the deepest and darkest.
As for my family, we're very fortunate. We're regarding this situation as something good - we get to spend more time with one another and we can grow more as a family. Hopefully something better will come out of the situation and a job will present itself in due time. We still have a home, food, clothing, all the modern conveniences and most importantly, we still have each other. I don't know what the future holds but I do know that everything will be alright.

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