Just dropping in for a bit!

Sorry for the lack of posts already in this new year! I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder/back/arm that's been giving me a lot of trouble. I've been trying to rest it and am thankfully almost recovered. I have a lot of posts that are sitting around half finished that I'll get to finishing this weekend and posting next week! :) For now, I'll just leave you with some posts/stories I've enjoyed recently.

Heidi Klum Launching Two Maternity Lines @ People.com (I love her!)

The Lowdown on Finding & Keeping a Good Babysitter @ The Practical Mom Guide (Some very good ideas!)

Breast Cancer Awareness: More Helpful than Bra Color @ Generation Cedar (As a side note, when I got that bra thing forwarded to me on Facebook, it didn't mention anything about breast cancer awareness!)

Free Custom Blog Makeover @ I'd Rather Be Changing Diapers (Sounds awesome!)

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