A Look Back...and Ahead

Well, 2009 has drawn to a close. It seems like time is either going too fast or too slow - you're in a stage or place you hate and time just keeps creeping by, or you love this point in your life and time is just flying by.
This year has been incredible. There have been hard times and struggles, but there's also been a lot of laughter and love. My son started school, my precious daughter was born and I think I've learned a lot. My husband still has a job, we have all of our needs met (and then some!) and are doing pretty well, overall. I had another birthday and I've begun to discover that it's just another day. I saw someone come back from the brink of death. I've lost contact with some people and made several new friends who I have become really close to. I've begun to realize the type of people I want to be around and the people that aren't good for me. I think I've become more mature. My extended family has grown and changed - we've welcomed new babies, celebrated marriage and also heard a diagnosis or two that wasn't that great. I look forward to all of the things that will be happening this year and I hope that it will be even brighter and more blessed than last year.

I'm not making any resolutions in particular but I do want to strive to see what's really important to me, to cut the bad out of my life and to focus on the good. I wish you all the best for your new year as well!

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