Style Icon: Betty Draper from Mad Men

Ever since I started watching Mad Men, I've admired Betty Draper's clothing. Her classic sense of style is refreshing in a time when skinny jeans and Uggs with short shorts have become the norm. Here's some things that I think represent Betty Draper's fifties/sixties housewife and mom style - but are still modern enough to wear today.

Pearls are a girl's best friend...oh wait, that's diamonds! Oh well, they're both pretty. The only jewelry needed for this look are some small pearl earrings and a long strand of pearls you can double up or wear long.

14k Yellow Gold 6.5-7mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud EarringsWhite Freshwater Cultured 6-6.5 mm Button Pearl "Endless" Necklace, 72"

For a typical day around the house, Bets can often be found in something simple - a cardigan or sweater set and full skirt or a dress. A crinoline under the skirt helps it to poof out if it's not already a full skirt. As far as colors, she tends towards pastels, florals and creams.

Rare Edition 2 Piece Set - Sleeveless Dress with Open Cardigan Sweater

When Betty has to get dressed up for a fancy dinner out with Don, she goes all out. She always looks sophisticated and put together. (Of course it might help that she has a housekeeper to watch her kids and clean her house while she's preparing!) She generally chooses jewel toned full-length evening gowns, like the ones below.

Satin Chiffon Prom Dress Holiday Formal Gown Crystals Full Length50's Strapless Satin Long Gown Bridesmaid Prom Dress Holiday FormalChadwicks One-Shoulder Dress

(Also - I'm thinking about making this a feature on my blog - posting every so often about a style icon I like. What do you think? Also also - if you're really interested in Mad Men style, their costume designer has a book coming out!)

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  1. I think Mad Men is one of the most inventive and entertaining programmes on television and it is the fashion of the programme that really makes it stand out from the crowd. In my opinion, Betty Draper is the most stylish woman in the programme and her her jewellery, in particular the pearl jewellery she wears, are particularly impressive.

    I recently came across a pearl jewellery company called Winterson - - that offer the sort of pearl necklaces and jewellery that I frequently see in the show on the likes of Betty Draper.


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