Happy Valentine's Day!

I've never been one that goes gaga over Valentine's Day. In High School, I always deemed it Black Whatever-Day-It-Was (even if I had a significant other) and one year I wore black boots, a black shawl, black skirt, black shirt and black tights. Yes, I was a bit odd...still am at times! A couple years back, though somebody told me that he didn't need a day to tell me that he loved me, that he loved me all time. :) I think that's very true - you don't need a day to tell someone you love them, you should tell them all the time! But in case you've been lax in telling your special someone, make sure you tell them today!
I've had some really nice Valentine days with my hubby over the past (almost) five years. I've also come to enjoy making Valentines crafts with my son and sharing in his love of the simple things. So I guess Valentine's has grown on me some...but I'm still keeping the all-black outfit at the ready, just in case. ;)

♥ Me and my loves ♥


  1. Beautiful pics! Happy Valentine's day.. I know I am late... LOL

  2. Thank you! I went to your blog and realized I wasn't following it - I thought for sure I was! Anyway, I am now! :)

  3. awww!!! I love wedding photos! :)


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