Marriage Monday: Staying True to Our Vows

Julie at Come Have a Peace hosts Marriage Mondays and this week she wrote about the part of the marriage vows that says "in sickness and in health." It can be hard to "love and cherish" when the person is whining, complaining and just generally not a lot of fun. It's not their fault, they can't help being sick - but it doesn't make it any easier on the person caring for them. It's good to remember that you're not just in your marriage for the good times, but the bad times as well.

I know in my own marriage we've definitely had some rough spots. We've never done things slow or by the book. We met in October, got pregnant and engaged in December and were married in March. But things have always turned out alright. This March will be five years together and we're still going strong.

The traditional marriage vows also mention some other things - "for richer or poorer" and "for better for worse." There will inevitably be times in our marriage when things are rough - things can't always be perfect! We're supposed to hold fast even when we're experiencing turbulence - a job loss, an illness, arguments or anything else that may come up. If you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage, I encourage you to try some of the following:

- Draw closer to one another. Trouble forces couples further apart. Less communication means even more trouble.
- Pray and read! Talk to God about your issues and ask him to help & bless your marriage. Read your Bible and/or find a couples devotional that you can read together.
- Consult other couples who may have experienced something similar. Get together with some friends to discuss issues facing both your marriages or find an older couple to be your "marriage mentors."


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