My Children, The Hoarders!

We got some fabulous new rugs last fall after my hubby re-did the floor in our living room. The new floor is laminate that a lot of people have actually thought was hardwood. There was hideous shag orange/brown/yellow carpeting in that room when we bought the house and the room just looks a hundred times better now. (See the before and after pictures below.)

The rugs!

So we now have these pretty rugs! They're really easy to manage and have helped make the room look even nicer. Unfortunately the other day when I was vacuuming, I discovered that my children have been stashing things under the edges of them! Not just one toy either, it was like an entire FAO Schwarz under there.
Innocent looking rug, huh?
Aaaaahhhhhh! Secret stash!

These children are apparently going to be seen on a future episode of "Hoarders" one day! I found little piles like this all around the edges of the rugs - cards, a toy car or two, stickers, puzzle pieces, all kinds of things. Craziness, huh? I cleaned them up and they have yet to come back...but I'm keeping my eyes peeled!


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