Addison Ranch

A friend on Twitter was talking the other day about getting chickens and I told her I had some. I was going to link her to a post I'd written about them but those posts were relatively old and since I haven't written about them in awhile, I thought I'd write an update about 'Ol Addison Ranch. :)

We originally started out with twelve chickens but gave three to a family friend who wanted some. We have six white and three red. My husband and his uncle created a small shed for them to stay in and used a cage/fence we had originally bought for a dog (who's since passed away) to put around the outside. You can see it somewhat in this picture:
Yes, Zeke is running after the chickens in that picture. :) They don't seem to mind. He just chases after them and they run away. We store their feed in the container you see sitting outside the coop. We also give them other things like leftover peels from potatoes and apples, old bread, things like that. They like it all.
We have a couple water dishes in their outside pen and one inside. We also have a light hooked up inside the coop that we turn on at night if it's really cold. They are laying eggs, even though it's been cold - we didn't think they would be laying much during the colder months - at least three to four eggs a week, if not more. I can't imagine how much they're going to lay once it finally gets warm! We've been letting them out to roam around the yard a little in the afternoon. They never run off or go very far - just wander around, pecking the ground. Hubby always gets them to come back into the pen by throwing in some food - they come running!
We lock them up in the coop each night because of wild animals, like possum (Possum? Possums? That sounds funny...) and raccoons. When we first got the chickens, we also had a duck. We didn't think about locking them up and some type of animal climbed the fence during the night and killed the duck. So we've since locked them up each night and have had no accidents since.
This red one found a hiding spot in a trash barrel the other afternoon when we let them out to roam for a bit. She was rooting around quite a bit and then ended up laying an egg in there. They're really quite easy animals to take care of and the kids love watching them. We're considering getting some more and maybe even some other farm animals in the future.


  1. i had no idea you had chicken, how did i miss that? that's sooo cool :)

  2. I want chickens SO badly but Geo keeps telling me know. I think when he goes to General Mills, he'll have no choice but to let me get them so we'll be occupied while he working long hours...of course that means I will definitely have to fence in my garden BUT it'd be worth it for fresh eggs!!

    Love the pics, love the post, love the chickens!

  3. Thanks! Well, like I said I haven't talked about them in forever so I guess it was time for an update! :)

  4. If it makes you feel better when Daniel first mentioned it, I was dead against it! I said, "Fine you can get them and YOU can take care of them. I don't want any." And he has. haha :) But as I've come to see they are easy to take care of and having the eggs is WONDERFUL!


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