Congress of Counties 2010

My husband and I had the honor of attending the Indiana Republican Congress of Counties this past weekend. It was very informative and educational. The speakers were all very interesting and it was really cool getting to meet some of our state government officials. The State Treasurer even said my name right! That is always a big deal to me since I have an odd name! :) He informed me that there was a girl with the same name that worked in his office, although it was spelled differently. Our Lieutenant Governor (who I heard in 2008 at a Sarah Palin rally) was there too and I enjoyed her remarks after lunch. She seems like a very sweet lady and is definitely someone who knows what she is doing. (I might also add that Republicans really know how to eat - lunch was awesome!) The sessions we attended at the CoC were mainly focused on learning more about polling/elections, the various positions people could run for and statistics about our party and public opinion. I thought it was really interesting to see what public opinion is on our country, the economy, the different parties and various other things. Such as, a certain majority of people might not agree with Obama's policies but they genuinely want to see him succeed. Or that one of the number one issues with people is the economy and it's uncertainty. (Not really a surprise, but it's still interesting.) Something very significant about Indiana that we learned was that while most states are reporting deficits and major debt, Indiana has a surplus of over a billion dollars. I know that some people do not agree with some of the things Governor Mitch has done (privatizing some social programs, the toll road deal, the time change, etc.) but he has done what he said he would do. You have to admire someone who says they will do something and then follows through - especially a politician! ;) There have been cutbacks but we've also saved a great deal of money, which is an excellent thing during our current economy. I hope people don't forget that Mitch has done a lot of good things - like enacting the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) that provides coverage to Hoosiers without insurance, putting in order significant tax cuts and of course, in 2005 when he led us to our *first* balanced budget in eight years. And something important to remember that my husband reminded me of is that you can't like someone all the time, regardless of who they are - no one who is in an office or position of power can do everything right, all the time. Anyway, overall we had a very good time and I personally learned a lot! My husband is running as a delegate to this year's convention that will be taking place in June (or is it July? I have mommy brain!) and I'm really excited to see what the future holds for the Republican party.

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