We Apologize for the Interruption

I apologize for the lack of comments and blog posts recently - we've been in the middle of a house project (renovating our bedroom) and it's made our house kind of a disaster area. Our bed is in the middle of the living room, my dresser is in the dining room, etc. So I haven't had a lot of time to write posts or comment on your blogs. I will be posting soon though (with picture evidence!) because *hopefully* the project will be completed tonight! See you then! :)


  1. Can't wait to see the brand spankin' new bedroom...and I need to post mine as well :P

  2. Multi-tasking is a huge distraction. Don’t move on to the next task until you complete the task at hand. Sometimes it is all to easy to pull up right at the finish line. True focus allows you to make that final push. When you are done, get up, take 5, then move on. To much focus can also be a distraction. You simply are not performing at your best if you are not relaxed and rested.

  3. Then go check the dishwasher. An interruption in water service during an operation cycle would have no bearing on this type of problem. If this persists, then you may have a serious electrical short in the unit, and need to call a professional repair person.


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