The Bedroom...Revealed!

I know I've been promising these pictures for awhile...and here they are! My hubby gave our master bedroom a major renovation. Click below to see the pictures!

Here are the before pictures. The walls were all light pink with a border around the top, except for one wall with dizzying red and white wallpaper - it had light blue paint underneath it. In these pictures, we had already started tearing the wallpaper down, as you can see:

And here are the after pictures! Hubby used drywall mud on the ceiling and speckled it, we had a light grayish blue paint we'd bought awhile back to put on the walls and my mother-in-law gave us some light colored laminate she had left over from her house for the flooring.

It was hard to get a good picture because of the way the room's shaped but I think you get the general idea! The room looks tons better and since we moved the bed and dresser around, we had more room - a place for my sewing machine table and all my craft supplies. So now they all have a place and are neat and organized! We each have a little bin under our bed-side tables now for our books and our closet is all nice and clean too. I think the colors of the room have made it feel calming and more like a room to relax in. Hopefully we can keep it that organized! :)


  1. That's the floor we're getting ready to lay down in our living room and kitchen. I love it!

  2. sharingthepagesoflifeApril 6, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    I bet it feels so good to have a new room!! I love the floors.


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