Computer Viruses and Crap Cleaning

This week my computer was attacked by a very sneaky computer virus. It wasn't something easy to get rid of either. It was malware that very cleverly mimics your computer's security system pop-ups and windows. They pop up telling you that your computer has a virus and you need to click on them to fix it. Once the virus gets in and working it pops up more windows every time you open an executable file - which is pretty frequently - and can steal your personal information, photos and files. I'm still not sure *how* I even got it because I didn't click on anything, but that's beside the point, I guess.
Luckily I recognized that the wording was not what my security system normally says and that it was asking me to buy or upgrade so I knew something strange was going on. I disconnected from the internet. I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the task manager and saw a strange process running that I didn't recognize. I hit delete and it was gone. Yay! Or so I thought...I opened Firefox back up and BAM! A bunch of pop-up windows and alerts all came up telling me that my computer had a virus and I needed to fix it by clicking here right away! Alright, so the virus couldn't be deleted that easily. After doing a little searching online I found an extremely helpful website that listed step-by-step directions of how to rid my computer of the virus. I wish getting rid of bad things in my real life were as simple as running a few programs. But I guess there's a life lesson in that. Even though I got it taken care of, it took quite a bit of time to get all of the virus out of my system. It wasn't damaging (other than a lot of time wasted) but it potentially could have been.
Isn't that how bad things are in our life too? It takes time to break bad habits or to rid ourselves of toxic things. There's no quick fix to our problems - you can't magically lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more,  or quit drinking. Those are just examples of things that require patience, time and sometimes trial and error. And sometimes bad habits were think are gone come back to bite us! We have to be mindful and have perseverance. We also need to prepare ourselves. If I had had a anti-virus program running it could have perhaps caught the virus before it infiltrated my computer. In the same way, before diving head long into getting rid of a habit, we should prepare ourselves on how to get rid of it. One of the programs I downloaded to rid my computer of malware, spyware and other viruses is/was appropriately named "Crap Cleaner." Is there anything in your life today that you need to use the "Crap Cleaner" on? ;)

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