Happy Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It's full of lots of fun things. I like to color eggs with my son and make other Easter crafts with him. We usually attend church and then have a family dinner and Easter Egg Hunt at my Grandma's. This year our church is having a breakfast, a church service (with a special presentation by the kids) and then an Easter Egg Hunt. So we get to go to two of them! Zeke also visited the Easter Bunny this year and got to get his picture taken with him.

But Easter is so much more than that! While those are all fun activities that I myself and my kids enjoy, there is a greater reason to celebrate Easter. As I mentioned on Good Friday, someone told me they didn't know why I watched the movie The Passion of the Christ. As I said earlier, I think it's good to be reminded of the suffering Jesus endured for us. He died so that we could have everlasting life. It's very humbling. But it's also good to know that the story doesn't end there! A good article I read says this: "Jesus rose from the grave on Easter morning, the third day after He was crucified. He showed that He had power over sin, death, and the devil. He not only took our death, but conquered it with life. Because He was victorious, we can be too!" You can read the rest of that article here.
Another great article details why the resurrection is important and vital to Christianity: "The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not about a mere historical curiosity, but an event of enormous consequences to you. According to Romans 1:4, Jesus' resurrection affirms the Bible's high claims about Him, and that He alone is the way to heaven. Christ's resurrection guarantees there will be a Last Judgment, and that there is a Heaven and Hell. Yet this Risen Christ offers the forgiveness of sins and everlasting salvation for whoever believes in Him." To read the rest of that article, go here.
So today not only should we enjoy our egg hunts and precious time with our families, we should also be thankful to Jesus for all he did for us and the whole world.

Cartoon found here.

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