Superwoman Saturday AND Sunday

Since I'm posting it a bit late today, Superwoman Saturday is going to be open for posts today AND tomorrow!

Superwoman Saturday is a weekly blog hop that you can join if you're wanting to lose weight, eat better, exercise more or just have a better life! Committing yourself to pursue those better choices (and blogging about it) will help you to become more of a "Superwoman!" ;) The rules for Superwoman Saturday are as follows:

- Obviously, your post should be on Saturday! ;) Your post should be about making your life better. If you want to make goals, that's great! You can post about dieting, exercise, health, your life goals, whatever you want. It's completely up to you, as long as it's related to the idea of a better life.

- Add a link to your Superwoman Saturday post below. You can also grab the list of everyone's links to add to your own blog post.

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Okay, so this week I think I've done pretty good keeping up with my goals. I've been trying to stay more active and spend less time on the computer or just sitting around. The kids and I have gone for walks several times this week and at my babysitting job, we've been playing outside a lot. I haven't been weighing myself because it usually only depresses me (haha) but I may try that this week.
I didn't do so well food-wise but tomorrow is another day, right? I've been trying to think each morning about what I want to make for our meals that day - that way I'm not scrambling to find something around dinner time. I'd really like to do a weekly meal plan but just haven't gotten around to it. I tried making quesadillas this week which was...interesting! I'll post the recipe after I get all the kinks worked out of it! :) How was your week?

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  2. Get gold wrapping paper and some cardboard to make the cuffs of the outfit as well as the headband. On the headband use red construction paper to make a star and stick it in the centre.

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