Superwoman Saturday

I had a couple people tell me they were interested in a weekly weight loss/exercise/healthy life blog here it is! Superwoman Saturday is going to be a weekly blog hop that you can join if you're wanting to lose weight, eat better, exercise more or just have a better life! Committing yourself to pursue those better choices (and blogging about it) will help you to become more of a "Superwoman!" ;) I chose Saturday because that's usually a pretty easy going day when we can reflect on how we did the past week and what we're going to be doing in the week ahead.

I myself am primarily going to be focusing on weight loss and exercise. I have been getting a lot more active recently to try and lose some of the weight I've put on over the past couple years. I'm very unhappy with the way I look and feel and the only way to change that is just to get motivated and do it! I have a tendency to try and take too much on at one time with diets/exercise. I then get overwhelmed and just quit altogether SO I am taking things slowly, one step at a time. I've been working little bits of exercise in at a time - going on walks, working outside, spending less time on the computer, etc. I've also been trying to eat less or smaller amounts of things. I think these choices will make me feel better and have more energy. I'm looking forward to posting next Saturday on how I've done so far!

The rules for Superwoman Saturday are as follows:
- Obviously, your post should be on Saturday! ;) Your post should be about making your life better. If you want to make goals, that's great! You can post about dieting, exercise, health, your life goals, whatever you want. It's completely up to you, as long as it's related to the idea of a better life.
- Add a link to your Superwoman Saturday post below. You can also grab the list of everyone's links to add to your own blog post.
- If you'd like to display a Superwoman Saturday button, that would be great! Just copy and paste the text in the box below the button.

Join Superwoman Saturday!


  1. Thank u! It said it was closed, but I'll be back to check it out. My health/weight loss blog:

  2. Great! We'd love to have you join us next week Traci! :)

  3. please visit ok

  4. On the headband use red construction paper to make a star and stick it in the center.


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