Wedding Season & Busy Weekends

I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging but things are pretty busy right now. We're not involved in *too* many things but it always seems like there's not enough hours in the day and that there's lots going on! It always takes forever to get the house back in order after house projects and ours is finally looking normal again. ;) We had a fun weekend with hubby's daughter/my step-daughter - we went to a cookout that some friends were hosting and the girls and I went to a bridal shower on Saturday. The kids had a lot of fun playing outside in the nice weather and at church Sunday.
This year seems to be the year of weddings! Two of my friends and one of my husband's friends from High School are getting married this year. One in April, May and June - plus two bridal showers! The two girls I know that are getting married I've known since practically forever. My friend Ashley I've known since preschool (when I called her Trashley for some odd reason) and although we haven't talked too much in the last couples years (as I mentioned life has been a tad bit busy!) I still consider her a good friend. I'm actually going to be playing the piano at her wedding too. My friend Amy I've known since elementary school. Amy and I were first and second chair flutes in high school respectively and always annoying our band director. We had a lot of fun times and even though our lives have been on different paths the last couple years, she's still kept in touch with me and has been a wonderful godmother to my kids. Her wedding shower that I went to this past weekend was so much fun and it was great to see her and her Momma. Here's a picture of her & I at the shower:
I'm really looking forward to Ashley's shower too - which is this coming weekend. Then the weekend after THAT, we're going to the wedding for hubby's friend from High School. And then after that is Ashley's wedding! Whew! :) Alright, now I need to get ready for bed!


  1. That makes me tired just thinking about your booked up weekends. :)

  2. Meeee too! Hopefully summer will slow down some...I can dream, right? ;)


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