What is Love? Love is a Choice.

If you've been married (or dated or had any relationships, period!) you should know that love is not necessarily all flowers and sunshine. I know some people who have been married, divorced and remarried several times and I don't know if they will ever be happy. They expect "love" to just happen automatically always and to never have any problems with their spouse. Sometimes love is a choice - it has to be worked at. You may not always "feel" like you're in love - that doesn't mean that you're not, that the spark is gone or that you are boring. Relationships can (and should) change and grow with time. And in friendships, sometimes love is a choice - the person may get on your nerves at times or do something that bothers you but that does not mean that they're not your friend anymore or that you love them any less. We all do things that grate on one another's nerves. Below are some great little gems from the Love Is A Choice Twitter page. (Their website is under construction but their Twitter page has lots of good things on it!)

Most people date in order to marry, but we should marry in order to date and do so for the rest of our lives.

Does your calendar reflect your desire to prioritize your marriage relationship as most important?

If you vow to stay together for better or for worse, you must make it work. 100% of marriages have tough times. Resolve for unity, always.

Love is a choice. Think about what you are doing today - are you doing more for others or yourself? Choose to put others first.

Do you think love is a choice? Have you ever had to choose to love someone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!
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  1. I sure did need this post, love is a choice. It does get boring after so many years. Glad I read your advice!!!

  2. Thank you! And that is so very true.

  3. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Things don't have to get boring! Try finding some new mutual interests, reliving an old date & remembering why you fell in love or try something completely new together! :)

  4. Really good answer that love is a choice...


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