Thursday Thunks: ABC's

I'm participating in the meme Thursday Thunks today. Check it out if you're interested in participating! This week's was harder than what I originally thought. Here's the rules for this week's challenge:

This week is going to be easy...just one question. Ok, well maybe not so easy. Take each letter of the alphabet and describe something in your life...don't skip any!

A - Apple tree (There's one in our yard.)
B - Blogging
C - Chickens
D - Dad
E - Ellie!
F - Friends
G - Groceries
H - Homeschooling
I - Interesting
J - Joking
K - Kids
L - Love
M - Mommy, a.k.a. ME!
N - Nancy Pelosi (Our head chicken)
O - Outside (We love spending time outside.)
P - Purple (There's a lot of purple in Ellie's room.)
Q - Quarters
R - Reading
S - Sleeping
T - Taters (it's a long story I'll have to post about sometime...)
U - Underwear (Hey, give me a break...I couldn't think of anything else!)
V - Van
W - Writing
X - XML (In blogging, I deal with XML. That one was HARD!)
Y - You, dear readers
Z - Zeke!


  1. way cool answers..
    Try my meme, Weekend Funnies ?
    I am your latest follower.
    mine is here

  2. : ) You are so creative. I love the apple tree and Zeke the best : )
    Underwear is a close third though!


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