My Weekend Update

Weekend update makes me think of Saturday Night Live. Perhaps I should have called this Friday Night Live, since the Friday night I had was...interesting to say the least. I'd been feeling kind of "off" since Wednesday or Thursday but Friday everything hit me full force. My throat felt like I'd been eating barbed wire, my head was pounding and I had cold chills. I had probably the worst night of sleep I've ever had. (Aside from the nights spent staying up with sick children.) I still feel icky but slightly better than I did. I think I'm on the road to recovery now.
We picked up my step-daughter on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with us and she had a great time. My son gets so excited when we go get her that he can hardly wait! Her, my husband and my son spent a lot of time in the pool. My daughter's not a huge fan of the splashing so her and I stayed inside most of the time - which is probably better since I was sick, anyway.

Ellie says, "Come on, Mom...seriously?"

I got online for a short time on Saturday to post giveaway winners. We also had a wedding to attend that day which I got everyone ready for waaaay too early. I just figured since I had three kids to get ready this time and since I felt like crap, I better go ahead and allow quite a bit of extra time. Surprisingly they all got ready relatively fast. I tried to snap a couple pictures of the three of them looking all spiffy but it's exceptionally hard to get three kids to all look at you at the same time and smile:

Today, we intended to go to church but after another night of me up and down coughing and the baby not going to bed until later, we overslept. The kids are planning on hitting the pool once more before we take my step-daughter home. All in all it was a pretty good weekend, aside from me being sick. Now I just have to get the disaster house back in order this week! :)

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Green tea mixed with honey always helps my cough when I'm sick. I've heard dark chocolate works too.


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