Our Weekend Away

This weekend hubby and I will be attending the Indiana State Republican Convention. Hubby got elected to go in May as a Representative for our county. I'll be going in a non-official capacity as a concerned Hoosier Republican - and I won't be going to the whole thing, just certain parts. I'll be live-tweeting (well, I should say I'll be tweeting occasionally...I don't like to use Twitter 24/7!) about the convention and the things going on there. This will also be mine and hubby's first time away (overnight) from our daughter since she was born! (Although I'm sure we'll talk about the kids a LOT like we normally do.) Pray for Grandpa and Grandma! I'm just kidding...well, mostly. It's going to be a lovely - and much needed - little getaway for us! Talk to you all when we get back!

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