Outbrain Related Posts and Ratings

Thanks to the wonderful service that is Outbrain I now have a working "related posts" widget and a new ratings feature! The "related posts" widget is at the bottom of each blog post and it links to other posts that may interest you. (ALSO, if you frequently visit this site, it should be showing you different posts than the ones you've already seen! Cool, huh?) I've had a related posts widget pretty much since I started this blog but the old service I had just wouldn't work right - it kept showing posts that had nothing to do with anything, like a post on the death of my childhood cat was showing "recipes" as the related posts...that's just wrong.

Outbrain also has the option of creating a "popular posts" widget in your sidebar through a ratings feature. You can see it at the bottom of each post now - it looks like five little stars. Feel free to go back and rate up posts you really liked so I can see what's popular...or unfortunately what isn't! It's anonymous so don't worry about me hunting you down if you didn't like a post. :) Anyway, I am always happy to talk about things that have worked for me and Outbrain has worked perfectly since I installed it. I'd definitely recommend them!

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