Why I Removed Disqus (UPDATED)

What is Disqus, you might ask? It's the comment moderation system I had added to the blog. You probably saw it whenever you went to leave a comment. I originally added it because I thought it would make it easier for my readers to connect and I would be able to moderate comments a little better and interact with you all more. But what have I learned? I've learned that Disqus is a giant pain in the rear. Well, it was for me anyway. It might not be for you. I guess it just depends - use your own judgment. But if you'd like to hear my side of it, these are the reasons why I removed it:

1. Disqus can't handle customized layouts, meaning ones other than the generic ones that are on your blogging platform. Whenever I changed my layout, Disqus had a fit and wouldn't work right at all. I had to go in and add the code for it manually which either took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R or just wouldn't work. I also could never get their widgets that showed posts with most comments, people who commented most, etc. to show up right.
2. For most of the people that came to my blog, Disqus wouldn't work. Some people had trouble logging in and for others, the comments wouldn't even load. Comments would get lost or would post repeatedly. I've never had those complaints about Blogger and it's commenting system.
3. Their customer service isn't very good. The first question I filed with them never got answered so I closed it. The second question got acknowledged only after I complained about it on Twitter. I've talked to countless people using Disqus getting the run around from technical support telling them to email them directly. Then when they email, they tell them to submit a help ticket. Then the ticket request takes forever or is never answered. It's frustrating.

This angry kitty cat pretty accurately represents how I was feeling last night.

4. I got TONS more spam comments after installing Disqus. This may or may not be their problem but it was incredibly irritating. I banned spammer after spammer from commenting. I've only had a couple spammers through Blogger comments and they're few and far between.
5. I am hoping with all my might that all my comments will stay on the blog. I don't think it should be a problem but who knows? I talked to a few people who had screwy things happen when they deleted Disqus - either ALL of their comments vanished with no way to retrieve them or they exported them and then couldn't get them to reinstall on their blog. If the comments are gone, I'll be really sad but there's not much I can do now.
See now, this should have been red flag number one to me because storing my comments on another database is (in my opinion) not that great of an idea. I should have put more thought into it when I installed it but I saw lots of people using it and thought it looked like a better way to connect. Once you had the reigns over to a third-party, you no longer have control. But such is life. You live and learn.
I was able to export my comments and put them back on my blog. It was mildly difficult to do. Many comments from before have the wrong dates on them and/or a black avatar with an X on it (instead of the person's regular avatar) but they are all there.
6. Disqus can take a lot of time to load. It makes my blog posts load slower which makes people want to stay here less or not visit at all. This is a non-issue with Blogger's commenting system.
7. If you need further information, Google "disqus sucks" or something similar. You'll get a multitude of posts. Of course, I guess that's bound to happen with anything you Google, though. Regardless, read a few of them and then tell me you still want to use this commenting system on your blog:


Now I will reiterate that if you have Disqus and it works fine, more power to you. I'm just telling you my opinion of how it has worked for me. From now on we'll just be using regular 'ol Blogger comments on this here blog. :)

UPDATE: I've had lots of people email me or comment on this post asking about how to remove Disqus or how to get help. As I said, customer support was not the best so I would suggest the following:

- Disqus has a help page that tells you how to delete your account/forum and it is located here - http://docs.disqus.com/help/73/ - BUT please make sure you download/export your comments BEFORE deleting your account/forum. I cannot stress that enough. If you don't, all your comments will be lost. (The help page was temporarily unavailable but it appears to be up and working again.)
- To export your comments: Login to your Disqus Admin, then navigate to Tools -> Import/Export, and click Export. Make sure you download your comments as an XML file.
- Try to remove the gadget manually from the Disqus webpage or if you're pretty good with HTML, remove all information between the tags labeled "Disqus" in the comments section of your HTML.
- Shawntele from Rambling With Grace wrote a blog post that tells you how to export your comments back into Blogger: http://ramblingwithgrace.com/2011/05/how-to-export-disqus-comments-back-into/

I hope that helps! If you have any suggestions, tips or tricks, please leave them in the comments and I'll add them so others might be able to try them.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I haven't had Disqus on my blog since I uninstalled it in 2010 so some things may have changed - I try to update this page whenever I get a new comment on it. I have heard from some people that Disqus has been updated and works better now - that's great! Others have told me it is still horrible. Regardless, I still don't want it. ;)


  1. YIKES! I keep wondering if I should add some kind of system to my comments section but it may be best to leave it alone! Thanks for writing this!

    ps I hope my comment comes through :-)

  2. Oh dear! I have been contemplating if I should delete Disqus for some time. Most of the time it works fine, but every once in awhile I'll get that people got an error message and such.

    Did your comments get deleted from past posts? I'd be interested. How did you remove it?

    Thanks for your input.

  3. Yep, Swati - your comment came through! Yay! I know some people that use the systems and they work fine but for me it was just more of a pain than anything else!

  4. I'm glad you got rid of it; I was rarely able to leave comments :(

  5. I've just had to remove Disqus too, for pretty much the same reasons. They suck big time and live is far too short to be spending too much time trying to sort out a comment system. Back to normal Blogger comments for me!

  6. Traci,

    It depends on how many people it's not working for, I guess - I had quite a few of my regular people that comment, that couldn't at all. My comments are still there for the time being. The only thing is that it's not showing that I have comments on the old posts, like there's no "x number of comments" showing. But the comments themselves are still there. I also was able export my comments and download them into a file which I would highly recommend doing. You can do it on the page that says import/export. To remove it, I just followed the directions on this page to get rid of it: http://wiki.disqus.net/BloggerHelp

    No problem! :)

  7. Chrissi, you and couple other of my regular commenters couldn't use it pretty much ALL the time and that just wasn't flying for me! :)

    Pumpkin and Piglet, amen to that sista! It was too much of a headache over something that shouldn't be a big deal at all!

  8. You know I'm kind of glad you did. I looked at using that comment form on my blog and didn't end up going with it. I opted for something else. On another note I did read somewhere that if you blog about blogger they Blogger does notice. I did several blog's and posted every comment I could and even email about Blogger's 'embedding' comment form not working. Oh and joy it's working now. They must have fixed the glitch b/c I can leave comments on every and any blog I want to. I'm so glad. I love to comment. Not always having the time but as you can tell when I love a good post such as this one I can't help myself. Happy bogging friend!

  9. I Shay! Thanks so much for stopping by www.sharingthepagesoflife.com and thanks for posting on disqus, I have seen it floating around and have wondered what is so great about it, now I know what is so not great about it. =)

  10. Hey Shay,

    Sorry to hear that you had so many problems, but I completely understand your frustration. With the current theming system within blogger it sometimes can be difficult to integrate Disqus, especially into custom layouts.

    Also we've pushed a fix for the spam issue, one of our workers on the backend was not playing nice. Sorry about that, it affected everyone.

    In summary, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for giving us a try. If there is anything I can do for you in the future don't hesitate to message me.

    Sorry about the hassle,


  11. Thanks for all the comments guys! :)

    Rebacca, Blogger does seem to respond to things pretty well, I think - and they seem to be adapting to the things people want from them.

    Thanks Giannii, I appreciate you stopping by and your comments. I hope I wasn't offensive. If Disqus works for other people, I hope they'll be happy with it.

  12. See that stupid comment from "Giannii"? Thats what shows up on every post vie found on google ranting about how much their service sucks. And yet it STILL sucks to this day. Way to go "Giannii", you really blew it communicating this back to you company.

  13. I have found disqus to be very buggy. They also seem to randomly censor comments. And nothing that goes to moderation ever comes out. I would never use their service if I were a content provider, and I'm starting to stay away from sites that use them to manage the comment process.

  14. The link you had up to remove it isn't working. I just tried putting it on and it REALLY messed up my blog. I can't figure out how to get it off. Please help if you can!

  15. I posted this last year so things may have changed since then, I'm not sure. When I had it, I had to download all my comments before I deleted it because when you delete your account they remove *everything* - so if you don't do that, all your comments will be lost. It was a big pain in the butt. I think (if I remember correctly) that you need to remove all information between the and tags in the HTML. I found this information on their website - http://docs.disqus.com/help/36/

    Hope it helps!

  16. Okay, I can't get it to show up right but if you used the HTML you have to remove anything within the "disqus" tags in it.

  17. Shay, thank u very much for this update. I installed Disqus or should I say Disgust..just a few hrs back..and already wanna get rid of it.. Can u pl just tell me what is to be done with the exported file.. I have exported comments and saved the file.. I need to copy that code somewhere rite, so that my comments reappear on my blog.. pllleeeaaaaseeeeeeeeeee help

  18. Thanks for this discussion; I also found this helpful post for those looking for how to get their comments back on blogger

  19. Just stopping by to give you the updated link to my post (I have since moved to WP) - it has helped many people successfully import their Disqus comments back to Blogger: http://ramblingwithgrace.com/2011/05/how-to-export-disqus-comments-back-into/

    Thanks for sharing it! :)

  20. Oooh thanks Shawntele! I'll update it now! :)

  21. Disqus is still problematic. It vanishes from a website, then comes back, as if it had never been away. Or it just sits there, hanging, so you can't comment. I was going to use it on my sites, but decided to stick with Blogger's own system.

  22. In general, I make a point of not installing Disqus on my blogs, because I first encountered it when I was posting comments on other people's blogs. The experience one has as a visitor isn't very good. First, I saw a breakdown in basic functionality, reported it, and found that Support was worse than useless


    and when the company finally did break down and admit that something had gone wrong, knowing that something had gone wrong, they were still will to engage in censorship on behalf of a troll who lied and insisted that all was functioning properly.


    I do have Disqus installed on the blog I just linked to (twice), but this is because it is a side journal set up for one purpose and one alone - to let me have comments that others would block appear on my profile, so that even if my response can not be heard where I've been attacked, at least it can still be heard. It really comes to that. In order to just basic repairs done, one needs to win a test of wills with the staff and let oneself being used for target practice with the trolls that the staff keeps around.

    "We'll eventually fix things, maybe, but we'll make you wish you'd never asked." This is terrible. I won't install Disqus on any blog of mine on which other people are invited to post their comments, because I'm not going to inflict an experience on my visitors, that I wouldn't want inflicted on me, were I the visitor. To me, that's reason enough.

  23. It's a piece of garbage. Every website I try to use it on, 9 times out of 10, the comment never posts.

  24. I've been trying to enable the blogger comment system on my blog for about a week now, and nothing is working. If you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. My email is cheapandchicinchicago@gmail.com

  25. I am in disqus hell to put it lightly. I have put another comment system on my blog and this keeps coming back. I hate Disqus.

  26. I cant seem to delete my account with them, rather annoying as I have WAY too many stalking trolls. Everytime I hit "deactivate"- NOTHING happens. I emailed some Dan guy @ Disqus and asked him to delete my account. We shall see.

  27. Add me to the club of folks who dislike Disqus. I hate jumping through hoops so that I can comment on a post and I worry about security.

    I've been using Postmatic on my blog as an alternative for comments - http://wordpress.org/plugins/postmatic. Folks seem to be responding well to the ability to respond to posts via Email.

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  29. Please help! Disquis has shut off my g mail saying I need to reverify. I don't know how to do this...Where did disquis come from and how have they the right to impinge on my g mail...Help please, Larry larryp11@yahoo.com Thanks

  30. I think this Disqus crap is a bunch of Nazis that shut you off if you don't put up with their petty attitude.


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