BzzAgent Covergirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara Review

I've written several reviews on my blog about products I've gotten to try thanks to BzzAgent. (If you want to learn more about BzzAgent, please read this post.) One of their newest campaigns is for Covergirl LashBlast Fusion. I have as yet to be dissapointed by any products I've gotten to try from them so I of course signed up! Here's some more about the product:

Covergirl LashBlast Fusion is the perfect fusion of LashBlast's super-volumizing brush and a new buildable fiber-stretch lengthening formula that work together to thicken and extend the look of individual lashes. So no more having to pick between lashes with volume or length. And no more having to use two mascaras at once. Covergirl LashBlast Fusion comes in four shades - Very Black, Black, Black Brown and Brown. It's available at drugstores, grocery stores, mass retailers and online. It's hypoallergenic and suitable for contact lens wearers. It's smudgeproof, flakeproof and rubproof. It's suggested retail price is $8.99. (But - and this side note is mine - I'm sure that varies from place to place and if you're a coupon-er that watches the ads you could probably even get it cheaper!) You can learn more about it at

So what did I think? I think Covergirl did well with this one. I chose Black for my sample. Upon first use, I thought it was a tiny bit clumpy. But all the other times I have used it, it hasn't clumped at all. I don't know if that was because it was brand new and just opened or what. I am a person who has pretty decent sized lashes so I'm not really too concerned with making them longer. This mascara definitely made them stand out, though. I could see that it gave them even more length and a decent amount of volume. I didn't think it was HUGE volume but I don't aspire to Tammy Faye Bakker anytime soon anyway. :) Would I suggest that you buy this mascara? I would. It's for sure staying in my makeup bag!

Disclosure: This Covergirl review was made possible by BzzAgent. I received the makeup in exchange for my honest opinion and for spreading word of mouth. The opinion in this review is my own and I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. I actually quite like this mascara look! But I am using now the Revitalash they make your lashes nice and full without looking too fake.


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