My Life and Kids

I have a cousin who's really into music right now - he's the lead singer in a band that's headlining a lot of local places and gathering a devoted following. While visiting family this past week, we went to our local mall and I just happened to see him there. We chatted for only a few seconds before his phone started going crazy. He'd finish one call and it would start ringing again - meanwhile, text and Facebook notifications were chiming away. He had a show that evening and lots of people wanted to talk to him. One band was possibly going to back out and they were concerned. Others were just checking in, making sure of the time he was playing, etc. He apologized profusely and said, "Yeah, this is my life now." At that moment my son and daughter came flying by, chasing each other and giggling maniacally. I replied, "There goes mine!"

The kids are almost always featured on my Wordless Wednesday posts but I feel like I haven't done a real entry on them for awhile. Ellie is practically running now. It seems like not that long ago, she was just learning to walk. She's incredibly independent but also very much a Momma's Girl - she doesn't want to hold my hand when we walk but she always wants to into what everyone else is doing...and don't you dare think about leaving her out! She has incredible lung power for someone so small.

Zeke got a haircut this past weekend and it was much needed - I told him he was starting to grow a mullet! He is my cheesy man, as evidenced in the picture above. He's very excited about next month since he's going to be turning five and starting kindergarten. I don't think he completely understands but he's still very excited. He has been such a sweet boy recently. He's discovered he can pick Baby Ellie up (carefully) so he's been taking every opportunity to help her climb onto the couch or up steps. I am very fortunate that they get along so well.

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