An Open Letter to Betty Draper

Note: After the jump, this does have spoilers in it up to the most current Mad Men episode.

Betty Draper, you confuse me beyond belief. You are were my favorite character. You're a young mother of some very cute kids. (Like me!) You're married to a incredibly handsome man. (Also like me!) You're intelligent and poised, sophisticated, beautiful. (Uhhh....maybe like me...sort of?) From day one I have felt for you and your struggles. But upon entering Season Four, I have as yet to draw my line in the sand. I want to like you, I really do. But you make it so hard, darling...

I want to tell my husband that he's wrong - that you're not a frigid cow. But in the most recent episode, every time you were on screen, I just wanted to scream "ICE QUEEN!!!!!!!" When Don came over to pick up the kids for his visitation and asked about the baby, you just shrugged your shoulders at him. You could care less. I cringed. Yes, I know...he's put you through a lot. I understand that. But it doesn't give you the right to become Angry Baby Momma. You've become so flippant with him. With the kids too. To be honest, my adoration of you has been crumbling for some time. As the seasons of Mad Men have went on, we've seen you become less involved with your kids. You seem like you don't even want to be a parent anymore - you'd rather throw those duties to the housekeeper/nanny.

Example One:

Now, I will grant that the video only highlights your bad characteristics and that it was a different time period then...but you've kind of become someone who is grumpy with her kids most of the time. In the most recent episode, you forced food down your daughter's throat to try and please your new mother-in-law, yanked said daughter away from the trouble when she spit the food out and then were apparently pinching her in the other room. You threatened her at home later when she tried to call her father. Sally clearly is troubled and you respond only with anger. I see therapy in her future.
When you went with Don on his business trip overseas last season, I cheered for you! What a lovely break for you two - a chance to really reconnect and you both had a great time. But you came back and were completely sullen. Don gave you a present to remember your trip by and you were downright rude to him. Why Bets? When you confronted Don about "the drawer" and got everything out into the open, I cheered for you! I couldn't wait to see what would happen. But naively I assumed you'd fight, work out your differences and everything would get better. NOT GET DIVORCED. Divorce solves nothing! (Disclaimer: That is definitely not true in all cases. I am just speaking specifically of this instance.) Even when the other person is gone, they're not truly gone. You have children together. He's probably always going to be in your life somehow because they are in your life and he's their father. I understand your reluctance to move out but come on, that was the house you shared with your ex-husband. And now you're not even looking for some place else....could it be because somewhere deep down inside you, you miss him somewhat? He's been conniving and deceitful but he's also a good provider and I think he honestly just wants the best for you. He does love you. You know he does or he wouldn't have said "I won't fight you" and let you have your way. That is true love, my dear...when the husband lets you have your way without an argument!
And speaking of husbands, I think you're thinking that Henry Francis is a fixer. Maybe that he'll solve all your problems? Honey, as every woman knows when you have a problem with a man you don't get ANOTHER man. Especially one that is old. And who to me seems rather fake. But that's just my opinion. I think you're going to find that things aren't that much better. "The grass is always greener" and all that jazz.
In closing, Betty dearest...I also just want the best for you. I adore you and Don together. Your kids need you. I know he's put you through some rough things but you're no perfect princess yourself. I think you both need to own up to your faults and talk things through. Marriage counseling, perhaps? Although, that would be a bit tricky since one of you has an assumed identity. And you definitely shouldn't go to the shrink you were seeing before.

Sigh. All I'm trying to say is...remember all the good times. Do they outweigh the bad?

Much Love, Mrs. Addison

Yes, I do realize this is just a character on a show. :)


  1. oh, so funny. just a character, but still, she is so real.
    i adore her, but she's had it with his junk.

    just had it up to here...

  2. I just couldn't resist after the most recent episode! All these things kept running through my head & I thought hmm, I have to write her a letter...haha :)


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