Thankful Tuesday

I have a friend who does a "Thankful Thursday" post. I've always thought this was a neat idea but I've never really got around to doing it. Today I was blessed greatly and wanted to share my "Thankful Tuesday."
Today I am thankful for:
  • For a step-daughter who shares and plays well with her siblings. We are blessed to have her staying with us for several days.
  • For my preschool Vacation Bible School class picking me a bouquet of "flowers." They were really weeds, but it was adorable. One child brought me a "flower" and then they all started picking them for me.
  • For online friends who are the sweetest and kindest. They always encourage me when I'm feeling down.
  • For the promise of a "job" for me for the school year - babysitting two (sometimes three) rough and tumble boys that I babysat this past spring. I say "job" because my son and I both consider it great fun! My son always has a fun time playing with them and their mother is someone I can talk to and share things with.
  • Knowing that God works everything out in his time and that he loves me even in my imperfection. I am struggling with several situations in my life and I can't say that I've handled them in the absolute best way. But it's good to know that "I'm pressed but not crushed, persecuted - not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. I'm blessed beyond the curse for his promise will endure - and his joy's gonna be my strength. Though the sorrow may last for the night, his joy comes with the morning!"


  1. I find that making a point to do a post each week helps me remember to thankful for the little stuff ALL week long. I'm constantly thinking of what I can post about on Thursday :)

  2. Hi found you on MBC! following you :) will be back to read more! Adding your button to my blog.
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    have a blessed nite,


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