Why You Should Watch Mad Men

I debated about whether to write this post after the season premiere tonight or if I should write it beforehand. I ended up writing it after because time got away from me today. If you haven't heard of my love for Mad Men, you obviously don't follow me on Twitter. I'm joking...but I do talk about it a lot on there - and I follow lots of cool MM peeps on there as well! Anyway, it's an awesome (and critically acclaimed) show. My hubby and I heard about it from one of his former co-workers, rented a DVD and got hooked. According to the all knowing Wikipedia:
Mad Men is set in the 1960's at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. The show centers on Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm), creative director at Sterling Cooper, as well as those in his life in and out of the office. It also depicts the changing social mores of 1960's America.
The show is currently on it's fourth season (it premiered tonight) but seasons one through three are available in stores, on Netflix, etc. And to sway you some more, I present my reasons why you should be watching Mad Men:

The style and design of the show is beautiful. The costume designer Jamie Bryant is amazing. The women's dresses are drop dead gorgeous down to the last minute detail. Watching the show makes me want to wear dresses, aprons and heels daily. If only I had enough money to buy a fabulous vintage wardrobe. And patience to put on all that clothing every morning. And smaller feet that would fit into cute heels... Ahem, I DIGRESS.
The cast is incredibly talented and each is suited just right for his or her role. The development of the characters and story lines are constantly evolving. It's intriguing seeing how things have changed since the 1960's not only with women's rights but with marriage, child-rearing, race, careers, pregnancy and family. The events and products that were popular and happening then - Kennedy vs. Nixon, the Playtex Jackie or Marilyn campaign, the Civil Rights Movement, etc. - are really interesting to see when we know from history what's going to happen, but maybe not exactly how.

And if that's not enough...I'll tempt you with pictures:

The ladies:
(January Jones, Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Moss)
There's more than just these three but they're my favorites. They're incredibly beautiful, sophisticated and stylish. I also love that they're not twigs.
They're real women - we see them in their daily activities, with their children, husbands, families - struggling to find their place in the world.

Don embodies a lot of qualities that every man would like to see in himself. He's a family man but he's also a ladies man. He's handsome, rugged and mysterious. He's an incredible ad man - a smooth talker, quick thinker and incredibly confident. The only thing that seems to conflict him is his past and the secrets he's hidden. I won't reveal too much in case you haven't seen it! I'll write a post later on with more spoilers on recent episodes. :)


  1. I have never seen Mad Men, being as we live overseas... this makes me want to check it out :)

    Proud of you for sticking with Mamavation! You go girl! You're motivating ME! :)

  2. It's really good! We got into it after it had already started so we played catch up on Netflix. We get AMC now which I love because we can watch the current episodes.

    Thanks! Your comments mean a lot to me...from one Mrs. A to another! :)


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