Busyness and a Mamavation Break

I know I haven't written a lot about my Mamavation journey recently and there's a reason for that - I haven't really had time! This week in particular I've been swamped, planning for Zeke's birthday party this coming weekend and our upcoming homeschooling year that starts on Monday. I've gotten some other writing opportunities that are taking up some time too. And I'm also going to start babysitting again very soon and am trying to plan for that since I'll be doing it every week day for the whole school year. And of course along with all those things I need to continue taking care of my kids, keeping up on my housework, taking care of my husband, etc.
With that said, I haven't (and don't plan to) quit my fitness and exercise goals...but I've been feeling bad for not keeping up the Mamavation sisters and what's going on with them. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably noticed that my tweets recently have been very erratic - I just haven't had time to be on there. I apologize for not keeping up with everyone...but real life always trumps everything else. My family is more important to me than being on Twitter all day long. And the only way for me to get healthy is to stay active, not sit at the computer. So I'm taking a break from my weekly Mamavation postings on Monday BUT I'm not going to quit updating from time to time on my exercise, fitness and overall wellness. I am very proud of the five pounds I've lost with Mamavation and the friends I've made on there. I appreciate the friendship, accountability, tools and tips. I hope to continue to lose even more weight and get healthier - and I hope you'll still follow along with me.


  1. I am so sorry you are having a difficult time. No worries. Mamavation will be here and we will be waiting for your triumphant return! keep your head up girl!

  2. We'll miss you but I completely understand . . . I've had to back off of Mamavation Twittering over the past few weeks I have had to back off as well.


  3. Sounds like a busy momma and i agree family comes first i sometimes struggle balancing the new job, the blog to keep family updated and keeping up wit friends but my family always comes first. im excited to see what birthday plans you have hugs


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