Mamavation: Week Seven

My Mamavation post this week is going to be pretty short and it's obviously later than normal - I'm just checking in on my laptop which has pretty much crapped out. I have several blog posts that are half finished but can't work on them until I get some computer time with a computer that's not a piece of crap. But to entice you, I will let you know that two of them are reviews and the other three are just plain 'ol posts about life. (If anybody wants to buy me a new computer, that would be great. Hint, hint, wink, My weight is holding steady, no change from last week so that means I need to change things up more. Although it is good that I didn't gain anything. I do think that I haven't done too bad considering we had a funeral last week and a dinner provided by my church that was simply awesome and I did work out almost every day. I've found that it's easier to work out after the kids go to bed rather than getting up even earlier in the morning. I'm not a morning person by any means. So hopefully I can get back into the swing of things for next week's post!

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