{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Canning Potatoes

Yesterday we did something we'd never done before - we canned potatoes! I told hubby he needs to start guest blogging on here. I've even got a category picked out for him - Back to Basics! What do you think? :-)
Anyway, he's been reading a lot about canning and learning from my Aunt who cans a LOT. This post on the blog Becky's Farm Life was especially helpful in regard to canning potatoes. My son Zeke helped peel until he got bored. After that, I peeled and then hubby cut up the potatoes and canned them. Here's my son (The Shirtless Wonder) peeling potatoes with Daddy in the kitchen (which is still a work in progress) while Ellie cheeses in my general direction:



  1. I've never tried canning potatoes. My folks always canned jam, beets, etc. Looks good!


  2. I don't can, but I learned to freeze strawberries and rhubarb!

  3. I didn't even know potatoes could be canned. Interesting post, I want to see what you do with these down the line!

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  4. Thanks for the comments! I'll be sure to post when I use them! :)


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