I'm Still Here!

I've fallen very behind on reading blogs, commenting and writing my regular posts...and I really have no reason other than I've been busy. Nothing much more than my regular stuff - taking care of the kids and house, church, babysitting - I just haven't had time to do much writing. Or perhaps I should say haven't MADE time. Such is life, I guess! As most of you readers probably know, it's sometimes difficult to find a balance between your life, work, kids, marriage, friends, activities, etc. So I'll start some conversation - what do you do to find a good balance? Do you feel like you're running yourself ragged or are you good with time management?

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  1. Scheduling is the key. I have a master calendar for the family, little notebooks for my own craziness. And of course blog time is early in the a.m. or late at night.

    Okay, maybe I'm running a little ragged.


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