Mamavation Monday: Week Eight - THE RETURN

I thought taking a little break from Mamavation would help me but I've discovered that I need accountability in my life and that Mamavation helps me to have that. It helps me to do better knowing that I'm going to have to account for my actions (or foods I eat/don't eat, exercise I do/don't do, etc.) each Monday on my blog in front of the blog-o-sphere. So how have I done the past week or two? Let's see, shall we....


Starting Weight on June 28/Week One: 232.4
Last Weigh-In/Week Seven: 227.4
This Week's Weight/Week Eight: 227.8
Change: Gain of .4

That's really pretty good for me not even really trying the last week or two. But I want to keep on losing! I think the gain/no loss is mainly because I haven't been doing great on my eating. Yesterday I went on a pretty decent bike ride with my son and my legs were QUITE sore. We both enjoyed it though. I've been trying to get outside more recently, especially with all this nice fall-like weather. My goals for this week are to pay closer attention to what I'm eating and to continue being active.

Reminder: My goal for December 5th is to lose twenty pounds! I think this is easily attainable if I will just stick with it. and Mamavation TV: If you haven't checked out the Mamavation website, you definitely should - it's new redesign is awesome. (Click the Mamavation button above to be taken there.) Tonight on Mamavation TV, Allana Pratt (@allanapratt) will be there discussing body image and giving tips on how to build a stronger relationship with your body. Join us Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV. (I'm hoping to be there but can't promise for sure since we're going to a family thing today.)


  1. I'm right with ya! Gone two weeks, no loss .... Let's get back on track!

  2. You can do this girl! I think your 20lb weightloss by Dec 5th is very attainable. You know what it is you need to do now lets do it. Get those healthy foods in and keep the bads ones out of sight!Good luck this week! Keep your head up and dont get discouraged!

  3. I haven't heard of this program, it sounds great! I'm going to second what Momma on the Run can do this girl!


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