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I recently joined the website Bloggy Moms and also joined one of the groups on there called The Writer's Workshop. Each week (or so) they post a writing prompt. This past week's was writing about the cast of characters on your blog. I'm choosing to post pictures of other things/people to represent us all. So without further ado, here's my cast of characters....

First we have ME! (It's actually a picture of Jennifer Garner and her daughter. I feel like J. Garn is a pretty down to earth celebrity mom.) I'm a twenty something married stay at home momma. I babysit and homeschool. I'm also a writer. I like scifi stuff, classical music, scrapbooking and reading. I feel I'm somewhat of a crunchy momma - I'm into natural childbirth, babywearing, etc. I hope to have several more kids and to continue writing and getting published.

Here's my handsome hubby. (It's really Jon Hamm portraying Don Draper in Mad Men.) He is also twenty something, although a bit older than me. He's a hard worker and loves starting projects around our house. (Notice I said starting, not finishing? I kid, I kid....mostly.) He's in school right now. He likes watching the History Channel, playing the guitar and reading Back to Basics, Reminisce and other things like that.

And lastly, we have our children. Zeke is the rambunctious kitten on the bottom, Ellie is the more serious one on the top. I think it's pretty funny that the first thing that went through my mind when I saw this picture was my kids. :) Zeke is five and Ellie is one and they're like two peas in a pod, most of the time. Zeke is in Kindergarten and loves Star Wars and pirates. Ellie loves her dolls, jewelry and anything girly.

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