Thoughts On Books And Reading

I'm a bookworm. I'm sure I've mentioned this fact before but if you're new to the blog, let me state it again. I'm a bookworm. I have a small library in our house that grows continually, and I suppose this is fitting since I'm a writer. Apparently my habits are starting to rub off onto the kids. They each have a bookshelf in their rooms for their books and Zeke's is quickly running out of room. Ellie's still has quite a bit of room, but Zeke is older and has had more time to collect. He always takes a book with him whenever we go someplace and even though he's not officially reading words, he examines those books as if he is reading them word for word.

The library is one of our favorite places to go and we went there for a visit this week. We go every two weeks, if not more often than that. My husband dropped us off while he and Ellie ran some errands. Zeke and I went to the children's library and he turned his books back in that he checked out last time we were there. He asked about getting more (which of course I said he could) and then wandered off to peruse the shelves. As he was walking off he said "After we get my books we can get you a book, Momma!" The children's librarian chuckled and said "Yeah, as if Mommy has time to read, right?" and then went into the other room.

I pondered that while Zeke was looking for books and realized that no, that's not really true for me! I always find time to read. Of course, I wouldn't put it above my kids but reading is my most favorite hobby. I'm also quite the speed reader - it's nothing for me to finish a good sized book in a day or two, if I so choose. But I do like to savor and enjoy the books I'm reading so I generally make myself take it slower or only read a couple chapters a night. I've always felt too that to be a writer, you need to read. It's interesting because in one of my husband's college classes there was a discussion about whether someone has to read to be educated. There are lots of people who don't really like to read - my husband being one of them - but that doesn't mean that they're not well-educated or smart. As I said, my husband isn't fond of reading...but that's not entirely true. He reads plenty of magazines and he has a few favorite books under his bedside table that's he read countless times, and that he'll probably continue to read again and again. So it's not really accurate to say he doesn't like to read. It's more accurate to say that whereas I like to read basically everything, he is much more selective. I don't believe you have to be a reader to be smart but I do think that reading helps facilitate learning and that it's great entertainment.

Anyway, I went off on a rabbit trail there...back to the library. Zeke came back to me with three books featuring Blues Clues, Little Critter and Winnie-the-Pooh, respectively. He proved to me that he's very much my son when he said: "I think this is enough for today. I'll read these tonight and then come back tomorrow and get some new ones." :-)


  1. We read SO much here. Gabriel will lay in bed for an hour or more before bed just reading. As a result he can spell SO well. It's great :) A life long love of reading starts very very early :)

  2. Reading is one of my favorite past times also, anything - magazines,fiction, non-fiction. The library is our second home and we visit about 4 different branches every month.


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