Another One of Those Days

Oh. My. Goodness.

My daughter has croup. Croup is like the evil troll brother of bronchitis and the flu. My son never had it but I've read about it before. So far it's given her the grouchies, the runny nose from heck and a cough that sounds like an eighty year old smoker that's choking on a bone. The kids were pretty good at the doctor's office yesterday (Zeke insisted on going to "help" his sissy) but after waiting almost two hours for our prescription at the store they were both very upset and whining to go home. I was too, pretty much.

Later in the afternoon my son told me that he needed to get a hair cut because his "hairs" were getting in his eyes. I told him we'd go get a hair cut soon. He said "You can cut it!" I told him that yes, I can but it looks so much better when the people at the salon do it. In the time span of about five seconds he said "No, we can do it," grabbed his scissors out of the school supply drawer and SNIP! Off went a big chunk of hair.

I had to laugh or I'd cry. Of course, I got them away from him and explained that we don't cut our hair randomly. I was laughing the whole time though so I'm not entirely sure he learned his lesson. Note to self: Hide scissors.

Then later on in the evening, I went to wash dishes and saw that both sinks were filled with water and not draining. Apparently the grease I poured down the drain clogged it (not one of my better ideas...) and as hubby was working on it, the pipe broke. He ended up making an emergency run to the hardware store to fix it. Thank goodness he is a handy man.

Hubby and I stayed up playing Skip-Bo for several hours, which was a lot of fun (especially since I won three times....muhahaha) and I noticed that my throat was starting to hurt horribly bad. I tossed and turned a lot of the night and woke up stopped up, feeling like my head weighed about a hundred pounds. Oh the joy of sharing germs with your children! We're supposed to be having a party at our house on Sunday....I guess we'll just wait and see.

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