Daddy's Birthday on Addison Ranch

Last week was my hubby's birthday. He's not a huge fan of birthdays so I won't go on and on about it but we had a good time. The kids and I made him a pineapple upside down cake (one of his most favorites) and some gifts. Our gift was supposed to be a sun catcher but it got a little crazy so it's just something he can hang on the wall that says "World's Best Dad." The kids also made him a card. His Mom babysat the evening of his birthday so he and I could go out to dinner which was nice. It was also nice to be welcomed back home with giant hugs from the kiddos!
Since my husband is our head farmer, I figured it would be a good time to update on the animals as well. We've lost some and added some to our brood since my last update. We lost a few chickens and a duck to some predators, and later on ending up buying a new duck, a few chickens and a turkey. Our new duck Forrest (named after Forrest Gump) is a beautiful looking but very weird animal. He walks strangely and is constantly jutting his head out as he walks. His favorite place is on top of the fence or chicken coop. He's definitely an "odd duck."
Now on to the rest of the pictures!

Ellie checking out Nancy Pelosi, our "head chicken" and Daddy's BFF! :-)

Some of the new chickens we got I think are very pretty. Also in this picture Ellie was feeding them Pringles, haha.

Hubby and our new turkey, Jenny. We have a Forrest so we had to have Jenny! Forrest does tend to follow her around. We were also thinking of that brand of turkey, Jennie-O. Ha!

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