Hip Homeschool Hop: Open House


For this week's Hip Homeschool Hop, I'm asking about homeschool open houses! Does anyone else do them? No one else in my extended family homeschools and many of them are curious about what we do and how things work. I'm tentatively planning one for next month and I just wondered if anybody who's done one has any suggestions or good ideas.


  1. Great question! We do a 'show and tell' type thing when my in-laws or family come to visit. It is very informal, but I have always thought about trying to do a more formal event. My thoughts for a formal event were to display some art work and projects, and maybe have the children recite something, read an original work, or play an instrument. Then, following the program, I would possibly serve light refreshments. Again, these were my thoughts and I have yet to actually put together and do a formal open house...

  2. we thought about it when the girls were younger since all the cousins had them at school but just never took the time to do it. i've not thought about it in years (until i read your post ha!)

    newest follower :D from the homeschool hop

  3. That would make for an interesting evening - I've never thought about that before... Would love to hear your results if you decide to do one!

    Stopping by to say "hi" from the Hip Homeschool Hop!

  4. Thanks! I appreciate all the comments ladies! I will definitely post when we have one - I've gotten some good ideas. :)


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