Spook-A-Look Halloween Photo Contest

Last year for Halloween my family and I went as the Skywalkers from Star Wars. My son was DYING to be Luke so I thought it only natural that his sister should be Leia, since Luke and Leia are brother and sister. (Oops, I guess that's a big spoiler if you've never seen the movies.) My husband amazingly had the night off work and I insisted that he be Darth Vader/Anakin since he is Luke and Leia's father. (Oops, I guess that's another couple spoilers.) He's not a fan of dressing up but I convinced him to, at least a little. I naturally then decided to go as Padme/Senator Amidala, since she was their mother. (Sorry, I've basically ruined all the Star Wars movies for you...) Ellie was just 7 months old and definitely an "early to bed" kind of baby. We were out super late that night trick or treating, visiting family and what not. Needless to say, she became a very unhappy little Princess Leia. Thus how this picture came to be:

Hopefully this year is filled with less angry Princesses!

Disclaimer: This blog post is my entry into the Spook-A-Look Halloween Photo Contest hosted by Giveaway Blogs and being judged by Uprinting.com.


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